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Okay. I'm gonna try the whole commissions thing! If y'all want me to write you a story - to a plot, with characters, with a prompt, whatever! - lemme know!


Can someone tell me what the escape room conspiracy theory is?

fffffffff I need to finish these Great Designer Search essayyyyyssssss

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anyone else hate the very common fictional scientist trope of shut-in who hates everyone? Like, there's such a thing as nice scientists.

My long term plan with hiding all my cooking pictures behind "food porn" is eventually I'm going to post a cooked turkey getting railed by a sausage AND YOU WON'T KNOW WHEN I'M GONNA DO IT HAHAHHA

hey universe not showing me the consequences of my actions until after it's too late to make corrections is really bad UX please fix

someone draw a @chr dragon guarding a bunch of servers and cables instead of gold and jewels thanks send tweet

Dracoprene unit seeking temporary assignment pending hardware update.

Talents include courtesan services, cabaret, street food and mixology, swimming instruction, deep sea exploration, interior design, trip-setting, street therapy, psychic and memetic broadcasting, and toy maintenance and repair.

Inquire with Kyresti hirself or telepathically via any Neptunian with functional mindlink unit.


this seems like idiotically valuable advice, on par with "don't say 'sorry' when what you mean is 'thank you'".

@CoronaCoreanici @makyo MIT's SLIM has been used for medical outcome prediction and has been investigated for recidivism based on public data.