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No law of the universe requires that all problems be solvable, nor that we can avoid living in a tragedy.

When speaking, and acting, and considering whether to toast the suffering and death of the enemy, it pays to keep this in mind.

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hyperbolic blue, frank drug mention 

Testimonials for my hyperbolic blue paint include:

-"I've never seen anything like this before. Except maybe while tripping."
"Oh GOSH that's blue."
"Wow, I can't focus on it. It's giving me a headache."
"Ohhhh yes this is relevant to my interests we should talk."

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Perks of dating me:

-You'll probably get the flavor of a strong undergrad education in math just from listening to me chatter
-...and biochem. And economics. And philosophy.
-Knows about that topic. Doesn't really matter what.
-Currently running a mildly concerning experiment in macroeconomics, which means you'll likely end up with pretty silver coins
-Can cook
-Can be gently subdued with foxnip
-Extremely, dangerously nerd-snipeable
-Impossibly earnest

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mild fictional drug refs, art, furry 

That's some strong fuzzweed you've got there, Lorxus. What are you going to do once it's in you? Flicker Thompson's Lamp? Count to omega^omega? Check guests into Hilbert's Hotel? Speak every sentence in every language?

I'd be careful if I were you, reader. He's going to down that nice gin and popping-tonic next, and then he'll climb right out of the screen...

(credit to foxvomit on twitter!)

Beltane, Actual Labor Day, and Makerspace Day. An excellent day, and I wish a happy one or more of those to you.

I'm actually in a decently good mood today. Who wants to hear about what I think is the most hopeful resolution to the Fermi Paradox?

asking for money for my gf, homelessness, :boost_ok: 

Retoot to link in with the #TransCrowdFund hashtag!!!!!

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Hey so

My one girlfriend is a young trans girl living in NC. She is facing homelessness in like two weeks-ish, if not sooner. She doesn't have any options for an income because of her depression, there are no options for housing that either of us can find. Her abusive parents are actively violent and hunting her down and the pharmacy just refused to refill her estrogen. She's running out of options and neither of us know what to do.

If you could donate or reboost it would mean so fucking much to us. Even just a little bit, whatever you can manage.​

I think about the kind replies to this a lot. It feels like a lifetime ago.

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Getting the #Trans High Holy Days on the calendar now and avoiding time blindness or apocalyptic distraction later.

Transgender Awareness Week
November 13 - November 20

Transgender Day Of Remembrance
November 20

Transgender Rite of Ancestor Ascension
November 12 - November 20

(I've been doing the 9-day ancestor rite for a few years, and as someone still forming their trans self, I've used the ritual to ingest a lot of trans history and do deep self work.)

dear people designing phone systems:

I understand that I'm waiting in a queue for the next rep. Playing music is fine. You do not need to tell me every 15 seconds that I'll be connected to the next available agent. This is how things have worked for decades.

Reason looks like it's putting out an interesting documentary about the "cypherpunk movement"... an important thing to document

It's easy to forget that for much of the 90s, the kind of cryptography we all rely on today was more or less outlawed. Much of the advocacy prior to legalization was civil disobedience, under the threat of government punishment. Without this work we'd be in a much scarier timeline (yes, even scarier than 2020 is today).

i can tell you firsthand that doing all-remote creative work is a huge strain. chinese studios are not doing remote work right now because they have something called "public health infrastructure"

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who needs a quaternion. 4 dimensional chumps. real chads only need 3 dimensions to express rotations *two of my axes of rotation collapse into the same space, reducing my total degrees of rotational freedom to two*ah shit. ah fuck

can american science librarian Franklin Sayre please be less vorny on main

i keep getting texts from local officials saying "less than 60% of your neighborhood has completed the census" like gee i live in a mostly latine neighborhood i wonder why fuckin nobody wants to do the census

food (?) 

I like having access to epistemic primitives whenever possible.

I like getting to know what temperature things are, or how heavy, or what volume.

And I like getting to adjust things precisely along those primitives.

Hence: I bought some citric acid, to put next to my sugar, salt, and MSG. :D

just a reminder to everyone in these trying times

- coop /kuːp/ a chicken enclosure
- coup /kuː/ a government being overthrown
- co-op /ˈkoʊˌɒp/ a company owned and democratically run by the people it serves or employs

bunker time: y1, d200, plague (+) 

The latest plague test came back negative, so that's good.

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My backup account is at . If we know each other personally, you're welcome to follow me there, but I'm going to be a LOT stricter about who's allowed fo follow that account.

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