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Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

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Notice that jeans come pre-torn but not pre-mended. The last thing the capitalists want us to do is to associate mends with fashion because then we might stop replacing our clothes every six months as they wear out.

... but mended clothes /are/ cool and they /are/ punk and there's nothing they can do about that.

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2020 will be the last presidential election in which neither candidate has a fursona

For the past several months, I've been sending american-flag-belt-coworker almost-weekly network messages through an app he logs into that I have full admin on. The message pops up in the bottom corner of your desktop, and gives no appearance of having anything to do with the app it's coming from.

For the first few months, he only received this message, over and over:

The last thing you want. In your burger King Bussy. Is someone else's slungus

this one needs to be reposted over and over

basically what i'm saying is i want a younger Sanders who is better at speaking to a diverse set of issues and groups. someone whip that up quick ok we don't have much time

on the bright side if Sanders doesn't run no one will get called a Berniebro. on the other hand if Sanders doesn't run literally the entire field will be made up of folks who think progressive technocratic capitalism is the answer to every problem imaginable. i'm not even a massive Sanders booster but that's kind of important.

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yeah I like leftist podcasts, like *checks smudged note on hand*

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Discourse (No not that. Sheesh. Have you folk never heard of the entire academic field of Discourse Analysis?) Show more

free speechers: words can't hurt anyone you fuckin ignoramus
me: im triple gay

Roko's Basilisk is just Pascal's Wager for Post-Furries

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