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i always look at like
old super distinct slang and go "wow thats super weird i cant imagine that happening today"
and yet how we type is super distinctive in the same way
it juat doeant feel weird cause i'm here

Hot new social media idea: A social media website where you can only make a post if you pass a test to confirm that you have no idea what social media is or how to use it. If you fail you get an account that can't post and have to look at all the clueless peoples posts

bethesda stans: don't worry!!!!!!!! modders will fix it!!!!!!!!

modders: what if........ tiddy big........

:sparkles_trans:​Plush​:sparkles_trans: breasts are filled with mammary foam send toot

Thinking about trans individuals of species with very noticeable dimorphism;

a trans doe who is very proud of her antlers and decorates them every day
a trans kangaroo guy who uses his pouch as a pocket
a trans peahen who shows off her tailfeathers
a trans bull who is perfectly happy with his lack of horns, because he tried prosthetics and they just kept getting in the way

The American kestrel:
Is it just a grey fox in disguise as a bird? :grey_fox:

imagine having a catgirl gf

imagine her trying to knock food out of your hands while you try to make it

imagine her looking out the window at some birds whispering to herself, "what the fuck. what the FUCK."

imagine her running around at like 3am for no reason

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why be human when you can *looks back; points behind* tail

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Pure citrus oil is lovely stuff.

But measuring it in sufficiently small quantities to not be overpowering in small batches is Challenging.

I just had something go straight past lime and into FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Montressor! LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!

dealing with your werewolf boyfriend part 1: giving commands

the only way to unfuck ourselves is to see how fucked we are and in what ways

"so how's FTL going" oh you know, just fixing some typos

Let's pop to Faroe, said no one in Shetland ever.

Is this possibly the most roundabout route to get a relatively short distance anywhere in the world?

(This is the default route, no waypoints set!)

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