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my favorite jorting algorithm is quickjort

Data is a lot like money. You generally can't have a billion dollars or think in petabytes unless you're doing something ethically questionable and socially destructive.

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"Your sacrifice?" the demon asked.
"Skyrim," I reply.
The demon studied me, saw the years I poured into that game. "Done. You'll never play Skyrim again."
And that's how I mastered Fortnite, and keep winning.

have you ever been in a local supermarket in an unfamiliar town

and seen a bargain bin DVD rack

and been convinced all these movies are being procedurally generated as you gaze upon them, having never existed before and never to exist after?

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tango oscar oscar tango
bravo oscar oscar papa

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meatpunks meet punks down at the meat and greet store

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