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Coyoteluckart witchy

GOT CUPS ON MY EARS πŸ¦Šβœ… @CoronaCoreanici


food, discourse

I must share my and jdlaclede's meditations on the nature of the Good Burg with you, my dear fellows, so that you might not be entrapped by suffering and decadence

stanky pebis and the hrrrrrnnnnngggggle shittt

.@Gargron No one will revolt until they're hungry. They're about to get hungry.

White House gonna starve people out. But you know what preceded the French Revolution? They're idiots. Keeping people fed is the basis of staying in power...

@envgen oh gods this is NOT how you pronounce κ΄‘λͺ… >w<;

"Remember Vulpes you have to kill your babies"

"Well if you say so..."



vore //

prey swallowed by a Cantor's Dragon never actually reach the stomach. Snoot-to-tail, they rarely grow past 20m - but its esophagus is infinitely long, twisting back on itself at every level of magnification.

@yatchi Yeah, this all sounds about right. The keyboard layout is extremely Dvorak and also makes use of the natural categorization of the Korean alphabet (which is also pure and perfect)