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hhhhhhhhhh fuck the fruitcake I'm making for a crush is making my house smell SO GOOD RIGHT NOW

mastodon protip: lewd means nothing unless you're shitposting so if you're talking about ass and tits just say ass and tits

every morning, a fresh pair of Jorts falls quietly out of the Jort Chute onto my bed. i leap from my slumber & immediately put them on (on top of the many pairs of Jorts i am already wearing from previous days)

Never forget, btw, that the very first mathematician was a woman.

Reading today about a theorem that "follows easily from previous results but doesn't seem to be well understood yet" and it's giving me hope that there's something genuinely new in math for me to colonize that's well within my reach, just by looking in the right place.

The future of the web has got to be about taking ownership of our online spaces back.

No, not all places are awful of course, but ones that exploit our experience rather than supplement it have to be starved of the resource they need to survive.

And that resource is you. And how do we do that? By reclaiming our online personas and content instead of just giving it way because it's easier and/or popular.

Actually neat app idea

Replaygain but for YouTube. Because all videos are produced differently and some videos are way louder or quieter that most standard.

@jk don't you know the famous saying of Karl Marx: "It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish the weed number and the sex number, at once"

@jk there is a spectre haunting Europe - the spectre of the weed number and the sex number

*me, after having spent several hours herding a large, dispersed group of chickens back into their pen*

ahh there they all are! im sorry lil guys. youre all safe now. anyway I

*lookin really fuckin pissed at you suddenly*

what are you doing? are you just on your phone??? what the fuck youre not even paying attention

*starts throwing chickens at you again*

look at my cluckers!!! look at my cluckers, look at my cluckers, look at my cluckers, look at my cluckers, look at my cluckers,

Wee tiny fox friend. Repaint of a cider cap to match a friendโ€™s character! #fox #paint #acrylic #cider

never mind, I can't anymore, I accidentally broke my fucking measuring cup into a hundred fucking pieces, rip me

the Anonymous Sciencey Space Exploration Service (or, colloquially, ASSES),

@aparrish The more I think about Mastodon, as a project, as a social network, the more I think it challenges the definition of success. Everyone, especially detractors, are quick to call it a failure or a nice try. While our daily activities here tend to show us the opposite. What is a successful social network that does not play the rules of close VC funded ones?

I have had more meaningful, positive social interaction on Mastodon in the past week than I have had over SEVERAL YEARS of tumblr.

It's almost like keeping social media properly moderated and focusing on the user experience makes a site less toxic or something! :slime:

@CoronaCoreanici The thing is, I explicitly don't want him dead.

I just want him to have some fucking humility shoved down his throat for once.

@CoronaCoreanici At every mention of his name, I can't help but envision all of the steps required to kidnap hip, strip him of all identifying documentation, and leave him stranded in a city of factory workers on the other side of the planet.