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mild fictional drug refs, art, furry 

I have possibly figured out a way to meaningfully create and display real-world self-luminous pigments.

An acquaintance who saw it made for the first time and then helped paint a piece of paper with it described it as "It's like a hole of pure blue. I've never seen anything like this before. Well, I have, but it wasn't real."

I, uh

May have made magic paint

I literally can't show you properly over internet though

Milo Y. 

arguably lewd 

IP law favors literally everybody with money

nobody "buys your idea" away at this point. they just steal it wholesale b/c patenting a thing only means you can go to court to stop them, not that they won't do it

IP law does not favor anybody except those who already own IP, land, money, etc.

otherwise it wouldn't be how it is, would it? they'd just 'fix' it for their needs.

power is corruption

less cursed steven universe commentary 

cursed steven universe commentary 

I heard there was a secret jort
That David made
And cut real short
But you don't really care for denim do ya

steven universe, s5e23, vague spoilers (+) 

Seattle Climate Strike / Alt-right shithead mention (+) 

steven universe, s5e18, vague spoilers (+) 

Me, thinking about dragons: majestic, beautiful creatures of magic and mystery! Their stories stretch eons and their form is one of both absolute terror and wonder!

Me, trying to verbalize this: BIG lizard... good

queer vorecon 2019

this year's theme: gay the prey to stay

weight loss, goals (+) 

the fear of aging is a capitalist conspiracy to terrify you into burn out so that you're too tired and in debt to fight the system send toot

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