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That's probably part of it. There probably was a time when reading the documentation was enough to answer most common questions.

But we kept that part of the culture, and lost the part of the culture that thoroughly and clearly documented its software.

And I genuinely believe that the FOSS business model of giving away the software while selling the support has a lot to do with it.

And yeah, part of this goes back to #deletefacebook

Facebook is user hostile.

But it's larger than that.

Modern Windows, MacOS, and even Ubuntu have some user hostile behaviors baked in.

And in the FOSS world the only real successful business model has been "give away the software, sell the support" which means that their is an incentive in FOSS to keep the documentation technical and complicated.

RTFM culture is user hostile behavior.

imagine a world where you just ordered everything through your tv like this

also holy shit comet

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Somehow this blew up

Please note that it did not contain a request for advice

"hmm let me unzip this game, this looks really interesting!"


*desktop explodes in a fiery cloud of .dlls, unity assets, notepad files, and a zipped copy of the game for Mac*

"oh no"

as someone who plays a lot of weird obscure rough indie games


if you don't put all your stuff in a folder before you zip it

I *hate* you

아 제발, the Korean Air people walked in RIGHT into the fursuit parade, I'm so sorry

in the end what matters is some level of dopamine in my brain, not life or my opinion on it

but isn't that the worse part

Regular reminder: "legal name" is a very boring sounding phrase.

It sounds WAY cooler if you call it your "government alias"

9 days till the shutdown of witches.town

needless to say, if you haven't exported your data from there and moved to another instance already, please do so

Ultimate Disappointment Taco Verdict: actually pretty good

The fucking amassments of tiny babies was more than enough, and now there's also 3D-printed horseshoe crabs too t.co/C1lJ8TvbPx twitter.com/CoronaCoreanici/st

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Friendly reminder tomorrow to tag yr 420 stuff a lot of people are made uncomfortable by or have traumatic experiences associated with that drug and so like have your fun but please keep it under a CW so nobody has to choose between being online tomorrow and not encountering triggers constantly