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No law of the universe requires that all problems be solvable, nor that we can avoid living in a tragedy.

When speaking, and acting, and considering whether to toast the suffering and death of the enemy, it pays to keep this in mind.

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hyperbolic blue, frank drug mention 

Testimonials for my hyperbolic blue paint include:

-"I've never seen anything like this before. Except maybe while tripping."
"Oh GOSH that's blue."
"Wow, I can't focus on it. It's giving me a headache."
"Ohhhh yes this is relevant to my interests we should talk."

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Perks of dating me:

-You'll probably get the flavor of a strong undergrad education in math just from listening to me chatter
-...and biochem. And economics. And philosophy.
-Knows about that topic. Doesn't really matter what.
-Currently running a mildly concerning experiment in macroeconomics, which means you'll likely end up with pretty silver coins
-Can cook
-Can be gently subdued with foxnip
-Extremely, dangerously nerd-snipeable
-Impossibly earnest

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mild fictional drug refs, art, furry 

That's some strong fuzzweed you've got there, Lorxus. What are you going to do once it's in you? Flicker Thompson's Lamp? Count to omega^omega? Check guests into Hilbert's Hotel? Speak every sentence in every language?

I'd be careful if I were you, reader. He's going to down that nice gin and popping-tonic next, and then he'll climb right out of the screen...

(credit to foxvomit on twitter!)

I keep boosting this because more people need to know we've got a black dude to thank for fursonas existing.

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Today I learned that Ken Sample, a black furry artist, was either one of the first people or /the/ first person to come up with the concept of the fursona.

the great irony of the "housing crisis" is that it is not a crisis in the supply of housing. there are plenty of houses and apartments, all the problems are caused by their use as financial instruments.

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NPR article re: history of white supremacist thought as it relates to USA christianity

"At an earlier point in American history, some Christian theologians went so far as to argue that the enslavement of human beings was justifiable from a biblical point of view."

Because we need to know how deep the roots of racism go in order to rip it all out.

Who gives a fuck if people call themselves anarchist or not.

If you believe in direct action and collective action... working together. Who needs labels? You don't have to call yourself a anarchist to be my comrade.

alright I understand why other people dislike fireworks now, up in non flat country they're a lot louder, and also noone knows how to battery fire them

bunch of shitty single shots out here disgracing the fireworking arts

A roomba accidently summons a demon by sucking up a piece of chalk and drives in a sacred geometry pattern.

"Anyone who tells you the problem is too many people is trying to sell you fascism"

...Now that I think about it, I wonder how much this can be applied to STEM conservatives who state heirarchy and authority are necessary the population of most bodies exceeds Dunbar's number.

Even moreso I wonder how much they realize they're flagging when they say it's because you can't predict what people will do in a sufficiently large pool size.

if your transhumanist plan to kill death doesn't involve destroying capitalism and the state along the way, it is bunk imo

1) isn't the title of this video kind of redundant, are coyotes ever not breaking rules?

2) I love how despite being Brown the coyote can basically disappear into grass half his height without even trying

3) that was definitely a coyote walking across campus I saw a few years ago, that fur and walk is real distinctive

"Dakota the coyote breaking rules"

do you ever think about how my generation was slated to nearly eliminate smoking cigarettes from our lives thanks to robust public health policies and then nicotine vapes came around, totally dismantled the progress, and found a legal advertising loophole?

alcool, pas sérieux 

Les gens ils aiment trop boire des boissons avec leur degré d'alcool sur l'étiquette et ensuite dire "hmmmm elle est fourbe celle là je m'attendais pas à être alcoolisé avec cette boisson alcoolisée"

personal projects 

I firmly believe that systems of economic exchange and of informational propagation are socioecological niches to be filled, by something or other, and that whatever comes first will set the tone for everything else.

Thus: @lorxusfavor and @fox_news .

reminder that the symbol of the us: the bald eagle, is basically a glorified trash bird who scavenges from dumpsters full of fish carcasses regularly

it's a very appropriate choice if you think about it

tips for tolerating fireworks for folks who don't like 'em (OK to RT) 

It's that time of year again in the US when knuckleheads show their support for veterans by doing stuff that disturbs anybody with PTSD. Tips:

* wear earplugs or ear defenders
* you can help cover noises with tv, a radio, a fan, or a white noise generator, and by keeping your house closed
* if you feel shook up, it helps to have deep pressure, like from a weighted blanket. talking to somebody really helps, so don't be shy about calling a friend or a crisis hotline. bonus if you can make a deal with somebody to talk to you even pretty late at night.
* keep pets indoors so they don't get scared and run away

It's... simultaneously slightly unhelpful and kinda beautiful that the [Bot] tag is useless for telling whether an account is automated, because real people who are robots use it as validation. :pixel_heart_orange:

#Mastodon, #meta

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