The wastes of #capitalism are a massive untapped source of wealth that I think #anarchism and especially the #solarpunk movement need to take better advantage of

We'd never need to buy paper if we pulped and recycled junk mail and receipts. We'd never need to buy dirt if we composted all our food waste. We'd never need to buy anything made of plastic or aluminum if we melted and molded them ourselves. We'd need to buy much less wood if we collected all the discarded pallets

@socalledunitedstates @Dayglochainsaw have you read "Walkways"? This sounds pretty feasible, and also a lot like that, and also also possibly a step towards post-scarcity.

@CoronaCoreanici I need an author, just searching "walkways" isn't giving me anything

Unless you mean Walkaway by Cory Doctorow in which case, no but it's on my reading list


@socalledunitedstates Apologies, haven't been feeling well for the last little while! Yeah, Doctorow.

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