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I find people who say that living for millennia would be agonizingly boring to be a bit pathetic.

On some occasions I've told acquaintances that I'd like to have the lifespan and patience to subtly sculpt landscapes with nothing more than hand tools and patience - carve the start of a river, plant trees or cut them down *just so* to adjust wind patterns, and then sit back for a bit and let these subtle microclimate adjustments sculpt a mountain.

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transhumanism, immortality, shade (+) 

I mean, any idiot can do it with dynamite and backhoes, but it takes a lot of knowledge and patience to do it with a trowel and a watering can without doing it the hard way!

And that's just one thing one person without any experience can come up with!

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transhumanism, immortality, shade (+) 

@CoronaCoreanici With a finite body and finite time I found great joy walking myself from New York City down to Raleigh. I would quite enjoy the time to walk anywhere, and back again.

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