blaseball, no context theater 

presented for your amusement @OCRbot

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blaseball, no context theater 


blaseball, no context theater 

I feel like @makyo would either love or hate this

blaseball, no context theater 

Valid to be a time traveling lesbian. Valid to be several possums in a tire. Valid to speak only Latin. Valid to be three dogs. Valid to be a catgirl. Valid to be literally Bob Dylan. Valid to be seven gnomes, and also Elvis.

OCR Output (chars: 186) 

Lorxus [they/he] @​® Today at 9:39 AN
Totally unrelated: Latinsm’n and Large Russian Son would be such good hitters and JonJon would be a great pitcher J

OCR Output (chars: 216) 

Lorxus [they/he] @​ Today
400 votes ready for loading into the "Yeet Dudley” cannon
you see that, Kevin? those are going into scrambling your soul for your failure

© 10159 #400 #25 ®

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