Someone figured out how to idolize an incinerated player.

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I support eating the gods, btw, the Mints have the right of it


we defy the gods

the pies stand with the mints

murder the gods, topple their thrones, eat their succulent butter

when we ascend we will come for you and make no apologies

blaseball, utter fraktela 

Just realized, btw, that Peanut Worship isn't even mutually exclusive with necromancy

blaseball, utter fraktela, ancient greek????? 

A crude flag for the Philly Pies in what appears to be an alternate universe's form of Modern Greek. The flag: pie or et gules on a field bleu celeste defaced with greek text argent: "let there be/become [cake made with sweet wine] [exclusive or] [a noble death]"

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