bunker time: y1, d181, drugs, chores 

It seems to help when I say things like this publically, so:

If I get the following things done:
-At least 2 dozen points' worth of dishes (**, **)
-Wash and dry laundry (**, *)
-Grading for linear algebra (**)
-Deal with trash (*)
-Plague stats maintenance and newsposting (*)

Then I get to eat a nice foxnip candy.

If I get an actual majority of the stars done, I still get to have a small foxnip candy.

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bunker time: y1, d181, drugs, chores 

Thus far: laundry is drying now, and trash is taken out.


Let's do some dishes and get over the line.

bunker time: y1, d181, drugs, chores 

Thus far: laundry is done, trash is taken out, and a dozen points of dishes done

7*/11*, so we get Little A Foxnip, As A Treat

bunker time: y1, d183, mh (~-) 

Oh, huh. Now that I know that armoring exists, I also get to notice that when I get stressed out by a social interaction, I abruptly armor a whole lot more than usual.

bunker time: y1, d187, guns 

Pleasingly enough, I think I've been getting much better at shooting the Jaw and can hold fairly consistently to within a 2-inch circle at 100 yards.

Also, I was today years old when I learned just how satisfying it is to shoot at steel plate.

bunker time: y1, d187, guns 

It makes this really delightful gonglike thwack.

bunker time: y1, d191, mh (-) 

Yes, excellent, thank you, Director of Graduate Studies, for sending me an email asking me to videochat him later today for unspecified reasons related to graduate studies. I won't be catastrophizing over that or waiting for it the entire day unable to really do anything else at *all*.

bunker time: y1, d191, mh (~) 

OK thank fuck it's apparently just to ask me how things have gone at UIC so far and to check up on degree progress

but I REALLY wish he'd just said that from the start instead of my having to ask

bunker time: y1, d197, mh (~) 

I wonder whether I was in fact fortunate for never having had the ISO Standard Awkward Teenage Romance Phase.

bunker time: y1, d198 

Almost 200 days now. Should probably split off the thread at that point.

bunker time: y1, d197, mh (~) 

@CoronaCoreanici We'd think so.


bunker time: y1, d198 

@CoronaCoreanici It's been hard for our client (the web client) to handle for a while now! :3

bunker time: y1, d187, guns 

@starkatt Really more of a concussive THWACK. :P

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