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what's the most despicable tech company, retoot for exposure

this would suggest that people who buy bitcoin don't talk about it and boy do i wish that was the case

Repeat after me: Don't use floats for currency!

(it's 2022. Why are developers still making the same mistakes? Can't we learn from our elders?)

Twitter newcomers.. if you want to share a toot you find in your timeline with your followers, then a boost is the only way to do so. Unlike twitter which want to show everyone what you Like, a like (or favourite) on the is more personal.

Use Likes as acknowledgment, token of appreciation, sign of agreement, or just to store in your favourites list. It is your interpretation and personal expression.

Use Boost to spread stuff around, encourage discussions, share delightful content.

If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

Yeah, sex is great but have you ever flipped the power switch on an original IBM PC


For everyone coming from Twitter, private messages (DMs) on Mastodon might seem confusing. So here's a brief tutorial:

Step 1: In compose box, include recipients address, write your message, then click the "globe" icon.

Step 2: After clicking globe icon, set permission level to "Only people I mention".

Step 3: Ensure globe icon is changed to "@" icon so that privacy level is as desired.

Step 4: Toot!

Voila! Private message has been sent!


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