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Reasons why I howled with laughter in the shop today

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it's the end of the month, in 4 days I'll be leaving my ex's parents and going down to London. I have very little money to my name, but I need space to grieve a seven year relationship lost and I cannot do it here. I am leaving England in 4 months.

If you want to help me, consider signing up to my patreon as I'll be relying on that.

If you don't want to commit, but like my poems/collages and want to tip me: is my paypal.

Thank you.

I miss him, I miss him, i miss him.

*sings bobby mcgee to Bobby's sleepy face and drinks tea*

Maybe things aren't great right now, but they sure ain't bad either <3

OK, here is a preview -- just for Mastodon -- of the choral music I will put online properly tomorrow:

My music is community-supported, not commercially funded. If you'd like me to compose more, please consider supporting me financially if you can and don't if you can't:

As always, thank you for your other support, which helps me hugely!

bless haircolour for 3 quid. I am finally back to purple, not that the blue wasn't fun but you know the day I coloured it I got dumped so I'd like some sort of award for not just shaving my hair again...

feel super stupid about having to spend money on clothes.

air mattress hunt was a bust, spent my money on a pair of shorts and a simple cotton dress instead because in my packing I kinda forgot it was summer coming so I have thick jumpers and leggings and I am suffering in the heat.

dunno what to do about sleeps, I might just blanket nest it out.

I am on an air mattress that is definitely not going to last all through the night being inflated but it beats sleeping on the floor :D

...I might need to go look for a £10 air mattress tomroow

as my boosted post says, I am just asking people if they have a quid to send me cause it would be cool if they did, but if you don't nay worries and I hope your day is awesome.

hey if you like the poetry I post here and you have a quid to spare it would be really neat if you sent it to my paypal tipjar cause I am having a fun sleeping on the floor adventure I'm trying to see if I can maybe save up enough money for a room here which would be better for me.

I also have a patreon:

If you don't that's totally cool to, I hope you have a good day and that your tea is just right when you pick it up.

Peace <3


Reasons why I howled with laughter in the shop today

Hey UK people!

I am a UK citizen living in Germany and don't have health insurance. I need to travel to the UK sometime in the next month or so for the purpose of getting hormones, and perhaps some bureaucracy. Would anybody be able to put me up within the next month or two for 4 days to a week?

I don't really care where I go, but I already have a GP in Lewisham, London and it would be cool to go there. If you can ask your friends it would be very nice.

Thank you.

taking the trek to see a friend south of the river tomorrow, oof London you're too big, three busses and an hour and a half's journey.

restaurants/bars/clubs/etc that not only tolerate but passively encourage stickering and graffiti are awesome. They are an acknowledgement that the value of their space is as much due to what people bring with them as it is to any authored elements.

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