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I'm a norwegian poet, most of my poetry is tooted out from @CorvusRobotica

I enjoy and fandom stuff. Talk to me about every day life, I'm not a brand, and I enjoy a lot of different things.

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Reasons why I howled with laughter in the shop today

And all that I have lost
will soon be lost again.
Will soon be lost on other shores
where I have found some land,
I planted flags and built a home
and tore it down again.
The thing most close to longing
is sleeping next to some
who loves your heart so fiercely
yet never was the one.
So I raise my flag to beauty
and all those I have loved;
the broken and the burning,
the Davids and the Eves.
Created in the image
of longing’s master piece.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

Men with their soft whiskers and hard
I have contemplated splitting open
every man I have slept with
from mouth to hip. To find
myself within.
Instead I take his lips
and I become a worm, writing worm poetry
about love
digging myself deeper and deeper.
And together
we are a poem of sort.
The men I do not gut, and
the woman
who does not know when to stop
trying to find an opening to climb into.

#poetry #corvusrobotica #mastoart

Throwback Thursday to the time last year I shaved my head

my hidden chocolate from last week is on the other side of the room and I just sat down on my bed, save me.

Tea, paint water and glue. Wanna play a game of which one you pick up when you're not paying attention?

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4.5 month! finally changed my nose stud to a ring and the piercer was so impressed with my healing :3


I emailed them about the W9 thing.


Question, how do I fill out a W9 Patreon form if I am not from the US?

Today was a day of failure and I am trying to let that be and not fall into the thinking that this day of failure will carry into the next one and the next one. So I will sit down and do some work for tomorrow.

Sometimes self care is just doing the work.

Ex Phil lecture. I'm falling asleep. I also have literally all the work to do later

I look like a philosophy student who listens to jazz in her free time

I don't like the person Youtube recommendations think I am.

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