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Edward Bernays: Goebbels [...] was using my book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany. This shocked me.

How many times do you think this sign was stolen before they resided to stick a tracker on it?

:heart_pride:​ I would like to have no gender
🇺🇸 No, you must have a gender
:heart_pride:​ Fine, I would like to form a corporation
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation will represent me in all things
🇺🇸 Okay
:heart_pride:​ This corporation has no gender
🇺🇸 Wait-

@xeb I'm meeting some cryptographic-minded folks in LDN in august/September and wondered if you wanted to come and plot merry revolution with us?

Pulitzer prize-winning Chris Hedges:
Creeping Toward Tyranny
his articles are scary but hinged on facts, as usual

Bonding with my supervisor by swearing at journal submission websites together

Before the US Empire unsealed the papers to finish Assange's life and choke (chilling effect) anything like #Wikileaks there was the lovely Love, whom imperialistic Twitter @jack (who met Trump) keeps suspending

Solidarity Letter: Ola Bini is a cybersecurity expert and privacy consultant in the field of Free and open source software, as well as a defender of digital rights. We want him safe, we want him back, we want him free! #FreeOlaBini


It is now undeniable that spies worldwide exploit the credulity of journalists to conceal their violation of human rights. This century will teach a harsh lesson: While terrorism is no existential threat to democracy, our political deference to intelligence agencies might be.


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