Square Enix not localizing the Dragon Quest MMO so I can ship my MC with this twunk is a fuckin crime

Quickrise on why I used the word "scientific" so much on last week's video and what the heck that means, premiering now:


The first ever recorded gay couple were likely the Pharaoh of Egypt's manicurists...

Even thousands of years ago straight folk needed that queer eye 😹

When I have a cold my nose runs twice, once for the mucus and a second time for the blood.

New series premiering now... Hope y'all will apply the charity principle to what I'm saying here, lol


I think I found the thing:

Walking because it's a progressive process. I like to use "walking" to describe my efforts. It's how I describe my transition. Before I was on a train, comfy (somewhat), bumpy ride but straight forward. Now I walk bare food on the dirt and in the mud and it's awesome (I actually like the non-metaphorical mud).

Way Out is important to me because I want to be done with this. To be "free". It's a bit of a trap term, but it's ok

I don't know how so much of this feed ended up in French, but I'm actually not too bothered.

fighting fascists will ruin your life
do it anyway

will i find a cool & local anarchist group to march with on the 1st of may? one week to find out

Why are Trans people always on the front lines of all sorts of civic politics?

@emerican I look back and I know that before that point I was on the tipping edge. I'd made statements in support of Trump and I could have been among the crowd in my nation now saluting the Christchurch shooter, but instead I was lead off to the left through outlets like TYT, Secular Talk and David Pakman (who now I almost laugh at).
Right now I'm a trans-annarcho-communist-antifa character who's ready to change this world for the better.
If you need something, hit me up and I'll do my best.

@emerican I just finished watching your interview with Faraday and made note of the way that Natalie seems like the only outlet that reaches out and makes noise in the alt-rights street.
I moved leftward from very much the same atheist-liberal crowd that Faraday says he was in college, but I started on that leftward route when a friend that is now one of my closest just told me I was an arsehole for holding the same Liberal/Social Darwinist ideals Faraday described in his former girlfriend. 1/2?

TIL "The sun may never set on the British Empire but that’s only because god doesn’t trust the English in the dark"

Bill Shorten, leader of Australian Labour party acknowledges Fraser Annings fans as "Neo-nazis" youtu.be/zjXCnVUvfTs

Pol, racism, violence, not totally serious 

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