Why are Trans people always on the front lines of all sorts of civic politics?

@emerican I look back and I know that before that point I was on the tipping edge. I'd made statements in support of Trump and I could have been among the crowd in my nation now saluting the Christchurch shooter, but instead I was lead off to the left through outlets like TYT, Secular Talk and David Pakman (who now I almost laugh at).
Right now I'm a trans-annarcho-communist-antifa character who's ready to change this world for the better.
If you need something, hit me up and I'll do my best.

@emerican I just finished watching your interview with Faraday and made note of the way that Natalie seems like the only outlet that reaches out and makes noise in the alt-rights street.
I moved leftward from very much the same atheist-liberal crowd that Faraday says he was in college, but I started on that leftward route when a friend that is now one of my closest just told me I was an arsehole for holding the same Liberal/Social Darwinist ideals Faraday described in his former girlfriend. 1/2?

TIL "The sun may never set on the British Empire but that’s only because god doesn’t trust the English in the dark"

Bill Shorten, leader of Australian Labour party acknowledges Fraser Annings fans as "Neo-nazis" youtu.be/zjXCnVUvfTs

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“Normal” brought back the nazis. “Normal” gave us the willful stupid ignorance of “All Lives Matter”. “Normal” is what lets people believe that there’s safety in complacency. That there’s someone in the driver’s seat that knows what they’re doing.

Anyway. I’m just sad and angry. This shit in NZ hits too close. Reminds me of Orlando. I’m just tired of sociopathic idiots with guns and keyboards and elected enablers. Fuck nazis.

**Australian senator egged after racist comments on New Zealand**

"Senator Fraser Anning drew international condemnation for blaming attack that killed 49 Muslims on immigration."


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**Humanise the victims, not the white supremacist who killed them**

"The media-hungry terrorist responsible for the Christchurch shootings does not deserve our attention. His victims do."


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Moderates are why the right get so freaked out by shit like Antifa or the BPP. They have no idea what to do w leftists who actually defend themselves.

There's a trans girl in Portland who hangs out with Proud Boys, and uses herself as an example as to why Proud Boys aren't bigots, but constantly supports white nationalist nonsense.

She thinks she's oppressed for being conservative and the fact that PB are the only people who want to hang out with her is hilarious, especially since recruiting right-leaning marginalized people is entirely a tactic so they can point fingers about how "inclusive" they are.

I'm sorry; I wanted to say something about love here. It is needed. It is essential. But I am too angry and sad. Listen to others about it. I will. I am angry and sad; I will listen. to hurt, to grief, to love. To Muslims. Jews. Māori. People of colour. Today, listen.

Are we pākehā ashamed and sorry he is one of us? That a person of our skin murdered and maimed for hate? Or are we ashamed and guilty we didn't call it out, didn't intervene, when it was small, mild. When it was just jokes and memes and banter. When it was culture.

They're not strangers. We need to fight them, but we also need to look at ourselves, and root them from there too. Saying this is not us is denial. We live with them. Work with them. Some overt, violent. Many covert, mild. All need fighting.

Xenops, supremacists, and racists "On the wrong side of history…" No. They're on the wrong side of now. They have been on the wrong side forever. Yesterday they killed 49 Muslims. And before, and before. And they preach doing it again. They are here. Neighbours. Kiwis. Among us.

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violent ideas lead to violent acts.

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