The demon looked around. There was a summoning sigil drawn in the ruddy sand, but nobody... It shifted its perception to the spiritual plane. Ah. A dust devil.
"Why hast thou-"
"A battery."
"A battery?" The demon looked around. "What need for a battery on Mars?"
"For our friend."

A friend of mine showed me the "album cover" modifier for DALL-E and it might be my favourite thing to give it now. I'm giving it names of songs I like with the modifier. (Marked sensitive because AI generated images.)

Linux commands and what they do
A guide

cat - it tlaps your files like a cat
df - it stands for "Dog Friend" it summons a small dog on the corner of your screen that you can pet with your mouse
ssh - what you say to you computer when u want it to be quieter
cd - you can type this command in when you want your computer to play your creedence clearwater revival CD that you've had in the disk drive since 1998
tail - shows u a fluffy fox tail
dmesg - sends your favorite dude an email. The dude you sent the mail to can be configured in dude.conf
uhhh idk thats all for today

adding a rainbow to my rainbow flag for pride month

The best scrollbars are the mini previews on the side that highlight the part that's currently in view

When something gets reintroduced because of the head of the catholic church 

Back by pope-ular demand

if your car's brakes are squeaking you can squirt a bit of wd-40 in there to stop that

Mastodon 2.6 will introduce a new privacy setting, better suited for your most important toots.

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