Nancy Pelosi is a fucking disgusting piece of shit shill who doesn't do a god damned thing except accept corporate money and lick the soles of Trump's feet.
And when you try to contact her, this is what you get:

Mathematical proof that cake is better than pie.
Pies are round.
Cake is (typically) square. So if:

π r²

The pie, in this instance, is cake. And thus if you think you like pie, you actually like cake. Thus, cake is better than pie.
The End.

Step 1 to volunteering for a political campaign:
Understand you're a volunteer. You're not entitled to the strategy information. You're not entitled to demand how you're going to do it "in your area". You are there to help the campaign... to help the candidate win. I guarantee you, if an actual grassroots campaign, the actual staff of a given campaign know more than you do.

1: Yes
2: Mercury
3: Diplomacy
4: My dog
5: Theatre
6: Socially Progressive Politics
7: The Moon
8: Persian / Farsi
9: Active
10: It's about everything and nothing at once.

She's literally recovering from surgery and still fighting for the people who wouldn't be as fortunate.

I was a vet tech for 6 years.
This is absolutely disgusting, depressing, and outright unacceptable. I would NEVER work for a vet who does something like this. There are much better processes to follow than this disgusting behavior. This vet needs to lose his license!
I'm literally crying over this!

So tired.
So stressed.
Don't wanna get up at 5:30 to drive 2 hours. tomorrow.

Was fun playing with the new platform but I have a meeting in a matter of hours (8 to be exact) so I supposed I should get some sleep.
This 8.5% Dragons Milk should help with that.
Shab Bekheir, Elephants.


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