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Particle cannon created. Helps me lay down coral like I want it, as a level design tool. Replaces the billboard grass system.

Done some shader work. Next week: particle coral: coralticles?

Eliza Episode 4, here begins the good part of the game!

Played a few hours of Eliza, Zachtronics' new game.

It's fantastic.

Fixed up the wetsuit a bit. Placeholder textures, but now the mask is not a jaggy mess.

Streaming , updating to 2019.2 and everything broke. Come watch me fix it.

Here's a video about artisanal emergent stories: how you might craft gameplay events to create emergent stories.

Made a video about a technique to help create emergent stories... maybe...

I'm not upset that the devs did this, just a little disappointed.

I am upset that *nobody* has a problem with it, and everyone is straw-manning away the few that do.

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