Reminder folks ~ just because it’s nearly 2020… doesn’t mean “Bobby Tables” won’t come visit if you leave the door open for him.

(ps. for future reference being woken by a client, as in woken up at 5am, is not as much fun as you’d think…)

So after nearly 30 years the Nisan/Szegedy “Sensitivity” conjecture appears to have been proven in just two pages…

Last night while talking to a client I had occasion to discuss client versus user perspective and the value/cost to business of certain features…

Which inevitably leads to this…

It’s only a dozen seconds of video but I’ve watched it numerous times already… needless to say I’m really loving my current gig…

“I’m in the middle of a project that needs…


Every time I get to like a service it gets acquired and I worry we’re heading down a familiar _path_… this time it’s Pull Panda

Admittedly I don’t feel as concerned knowing it’s @GitHub that’s done the acquiring… still…

The upgrade process is going well… disassembly & cleaning is complete — time for lunch. 😊

Morning time lapse location 👍🏼 - a little chilly 😊

Ah Tuesdays! Just remember not every day (or every new clients project) can start. out perfect…

(also don’t try to lint the entire project in one step)

Welcome to … which one is wrong:

Exhibit A

import UIKit
import SnapKit
import RxSwift
import CustomUI

Exhibit B

import CustomUI
import RxSwift
import SnapKit
import UIKit

Bonus questions…
- why?
- what is wrong with me? (open ended, semi-rhetorical)

Lets play a fun game…
1. How many versions of Xcode do you have installed?
2. What’s the oldest version of Xcode you have installed?
3. What’s the oldest version you still use? (because existing projects/clients etc)

Remember when you’re complaining about software there are actual human beings on the other side of your bug report… so yea… write like you would to someone you care about…

It’s says a lot that I keep remember this nearly a decade later…

Herostratus become a metonym for someone who commits a criminal act in order to become famous… so does this make it the oldest case of the Streisand Effect ( I mean no one remembers the name of those Ephesian leaders that banned mention of his name upon pain of death)

Every now then something cool happens - I’m easily pleased so two double yolk eggs count 😊

Good morning all — nice to wake up to some M87 photo’s and the commentary… like the super informative XKCD comic

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