“Replace All” from @IsMonkeyUser… 😂 Oh gawd… that brings back memories… this is a common young players issue…
😃 monkeyuser.com/2018/replace-al

So BBedit (@bbedit on Twitter) version 12.5.2 just came out… and in all the years, well decades, I’ve been using it they’ve always amazed me how much they put into even minor point releases…

Love this app and the team at Barebones barebones.com/support/bbedit/c

This is a great article about Scammers with a happy ending and lots of good information about the scams going around right now. You should read it. apple.news/ADTuVI3GdQMy62FNM-I

PSA: Registration for the Annual 🎄 Sydney CocoaHeads “End of Year Quiz” opened at 7am AEDST (about 8 minutes ago) — and theres a strict number limit so if you want to go you’d better register soon. 😃 meetup.com/sydneycocoaheads/ev

Currently listening to this weeks “Friends Mix” on @AppleMusic… it’s a good way to find different music 👍🏻 craigsoveritall.thesumof.it/li

Just had the most amazing turnaround to a support request I’ve ever experienced with the developer of that great package tracking app Parcel. Just look at the response time from them (@parcel_app on Twitter) itunes.apple.com/au/app/id3755

Currently listening to The Oils → Red Sails in the Sunset
1984 at the Hordern Pav is still one of the best concerts of my life 😃 craigsoveritall.thesumof.it/li

Do not test UIScreenEdgePanGestureRecognizer on the simulator… your mouse cursor is not a good replication of the actual edge swipe gesture on a device…🙄

Wow - this was a nice surprise — Obsidian Entertainment, the original Fallout creator… has announces “The Outer Worlds“2019’s looking like a good year for games already… youtube.com/watch?v=MGLTgt0EEq

I’m pretty convinced of the value of @apple’s - it’s been great for trips and conferences but this year it’s full of Christmas 🎄 Parties 🎉 😂 (as well as the usual boarding passes and conference tickets)

Updated Plan for rest of the day:

Do PR for the Password Auto Fill fix
Start the new SwiftRx Project
Get lunch

Work on script, turns out it’s more work than expected 😯 (don’t know why I’m surprised, it’s basically the moto of my life)

Continue with SwiftRx Pr... craigsoveritall.thesumof.it/20

Plan for the day:

Domestic duties ✔️
Write script for Podcast
30min Walk
Finalise the Password Auto Fill bug
Start the new SwiftRx project
Go for a lunchtime walk
Continue with SwiftRx project

I have to concur that “Sam” is doing good work on the editing of the iDeveloper Podcast. Certainly the dulcet tones @Scotty and John (@macdevnet and @djembe on Twitter) seem more palatable 😁 overcast.fm/+BoZ2RHqQE

It’s great to see that iOS 12 adoption has hit 72% for devices brought in the last four years! 🎉 (It’s 70% for all devices… which begs the question what portion of that remain 30% can’t run iOS 12) developer.apple.com/support/ap

Ugh… that original score is a bit dark for my tastes… maybe tuning to Appalachia Radio will help… itunes.apple.com/au/playlist/a

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