One of my most desired features has been added to Tower 3.6… I can now checkout a PR branch directly from the PR’s list… 🎉

Me: The new 16” MacBook Pro will help with build times…

CFO: Ok, that makes sense — APPROVED

Me opens project for first time on new MBP: Xcode hang on — back in a few minutes I’m “Indexing”…

Strawberries and blueberries on sale at the grocery store this morning 😀

Smoothie time 😊

Last night while talking to a client I had occasion to discuss client versus user perspective and the value/cost to business of certain features…

Which inevitably leads to this…

It’s only a dozen seconds of video but I’ve watched it numerous times already… needless to say I’m really loving my current gig…

The upgrade process is going well… disassembly & cleaning is complete — time for lunch. 😊

Morning time lapse location 👍🏼 - a little chilly 😊

Welcome to … which one is wrong:

Exhibit A

import UIKit
import SnapKit
import RxSwift
import CustomUI

Exhibit B

import CustomUI
import RxSwift
import SnapKit
import UIKit

Bonus questions…
- why?
- what is wrong with me? (open ended, semi-rhetorical)

Every now then something cool happens - I’m easily pleased so two double yolk eggs count 😊

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