Super odd timing on this press release - Apple Security Bounty - good though from first reading

TIL: Not to have a static class property with the same name as an instance property… because _you will _ forget that Self.propertyName will point to the instance value and not the static property on the class 😔

Saddened to hear of the passing of Rene Auberjonois… loved many of his roles from Father Mulcahy in M.A.S.H. to DS9’s Odo during my formative years.

I’m not say the version numbering system for all the different components is complex — but at 9:05am the version mapping calculator website became self aware

Apropos to nothing… but I may have had cause to make reference to this comic from @ismonkeyuser…

Given our PM’s obsequious Trump fandom… and this “phone call”…
Without impeachment as an option… I have to wonder what is the definition of “Perverting the course of justice”?

One of my most desired features has been added to Tower 3.6… I can now checkout a PR branch directly from the PR’s list… 🎉

Me: The new 16” MacBook Pro will help with build times…

CFO: Ok, that makes sense — APPROVED

Me opens project for first time on new MBP: Xcode hang on — back in a few minutes I’m “Indexing”…

The feelings when you make a joke in a fatalError() message and then question your reasons for that particular joke and head down a rabbit hole…

@inAktion It's Sydney from the walk in North Head National Park :)

Personally I have issue with a lot of “traditional values” and their “loss” is not something I worry about… irrational hate, the climate & politicians concern me more…

One of those rare trips when you go to Bunnings for three things and leave without anything. Not even a Santa 😕

Today’s Final Cut Pro update gives me hope that the Mac Pro is nearing release… 😀

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