Me: The new 16” MacBook Pro will help with build times…

CFO: Ok, that makes sense — APPROVED

Me opens project for first time on new MBP: Xcode hang on — back in a few minutes I’m “Indexing”…

The feelings when you make a joke in a fatalError() message and then question your reasons for that particular joke and head down a rabbit hole…

@inAktion It's Sydney from the walk in North Head National Park :)

Personally I have issue with a lot of “traditional values” and their “loss” is not something I worry about… irrational hate, the climate & politicians concern me more…

One of those rare trips when you go to Bunnings for three things and leave without anything. Not even a Santa 😕

Today’s Final Cut Pro update gives me hope that the Mac Pro is nearing release… 😀

Late breakfast at Cafe Bon Ton in Leura 🥶

That day of the year when the cases, bands and peripherals arrive before the new toys… sigh… 🙁

Strawberries and blueberries on sale at the grocery store this morning 😀

Smoothie time 😊

Reminder folks ~ just because it’s nearly 2020… doesn’t mean “Bobby Tables” won’t come visit if you leave the door open for him.

(ps. for future reference being woken by a client, as in woken up at 5am, is not as much fun as you’d think…)

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