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I'm scooting myself on over to (new acct linked in profile) over the next few days. Feel free to add that account. Progress will vary according to my access to my laptop.

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I've mostly been lurking/liking on here. I recently set up a little discord server where I ramble about and stuff/projects I'm working on, and folks are welcome to join up if they are interested.

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I'm scooting myself on over to (new acct linked in profile) over the next few days. Feel free to add that account. Progress will vary according to my access to my laptop.

WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.


#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

So many people think corn fields are scary, but I don't know why.

I'd spent years of my childhood walking among the rows, telling stories & secrets to the proud stems and patient ears.

I never got lost, nothing prowled among them aside from the occasional crow, or determined slug.

And now that my eyes peek above the tallest stalks, I can even more easily spot landmarks.

If only pesky humans would stop invading my territory at night.

I'm looking for artists who can draw mice for a TTRPG inspired by films like The Great Mouse Detective, Rescuers Down Under, etc. Small commission for promo art (the rest depends on successful Kickstarter). POC and other marginalized folks encouraged to apply!
Please boost!

Though abandoned, the kittens were lucky.
Nearby bushes provided distractions that drew them away from the lethal wheels of the busy road.
Slow lizards & fat crickets provided easy meals for unskilled hunters.

A forgotten clubhouse, mostly mismatched chairs and an old tent, provided shelter from rain, and puddles aplenty to drink.

Because of these circumstances, these lucky kittens were found in good shape, and adopted into loving homes.

The Sit is real, warn your friends and family, don't let them too succumb to ...The Sit.

*struggles to get up and get on with the day*

When I was in high school, I made a Saiyan tail out of faux fur and wire and wore it to school like the huge nerd I was. It took a few days before a fellow student snuck up behind me during lunch and tore out the tail, leaving a hole in the ass of my pants for the day. The principal's response: Maybe I shouldn't dress like that.
I learned a lot that day.

Unsexy Boat Facts 

There are so few POC in the local boating community that it reminds me of my hometown. I finally saw a black guy working on his boat this afternoon after being at this marina (with probably 150 boats in it) for a month. The boating community skews painfully white and male.

Non-confrontational Problems 

*Asked by visiting family to wake them up at 8 in the AM*
Me: Sure thing!
*7:55 rolls around*
Me: I'd better get them up at 8!
*Paces near door until 8*
*Spends 2 minutes staring at door*
*Takes deep breath and gets psyched up.*
*Taps door just enough to be audible*
*Tries again, slightly increasing volume until confirmation of wake up is heard*
*Breathes deep sigh of relief, goes on with morning.*

CW - Shockingly Beautiful Dragonfly 

Glittering jewel known as a Blue Dasher Dragonfly.

Thank you for choosing Bondo Wood Filler! This product has an open working time of I hope you brought your A game, punk.

Hurgh, so many cool people joining and I know my feed will be too intimidating if I try to follow them all. Too many cool people is a good problem to have, at least.

Me: I'm a game developer
Person: Oh you make games?
Me: Absolutely not

Going to draw a mandala in @krita based on this image, and streaming it (or trying to, on our crappy internet) over at :)

Because any number of bars is good enough when your livelihood depends on it.

...literally waiting for paint to dry right now, ask me anything.

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