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Bonehead sounds like an insult made up by a squid

Less than 2 hours left until ! And the time zones line up such that I can probably watch the first two games, the and 2.

Join the stream of people breaking video games for charity:

Luckily, I survived's attack at , so I can continue posting photos.

More photos will appear at when they're sorted.

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First year Calarts film is done.

Next film will be a bit more complicated with lots of fx and debris work.

Peak this : a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo of a fursuiter.

More photos from when I get around to uploading them, at which time they will be here:

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"Furry lit isn't art."

Man, furry is what MAKES it art.

You know what's NOT art? Taking the furry part that you love out of it because you want to appeal to a mainstream audience.

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: Standing in a queue at , while apparently my Internet connection at home died, taking down my server, leaving me with no news of the final results unless I go look them up myself, like some 20th century peasant.

If you're at , I hope you in advance. If not, please go vote in the .

There is a bull in the city centre. During . I refuse to believe this is a coincidence.

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are a go, the and are out first to vote today.

Get out there and do your duty to protect democracy and reverse the global climate crisis!

Before going to and meeting in the dealers' den, why not back the for the printing of her "Orbit: Encounter"?

Comics are better on paper, after all.

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We reached 6000 followers in the fediverse today! 🎉

Thanks for your support everyone! ❤️

(Meanwhile it's about 2000 on twitter 😃)

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@Creideiki @fribbledom why would i go to university to get hired?

that sounds so odd

People keep saying I should try , so I thought I would start softly by making a for @telephant. How hard could it be? Very, apparently. The Qt bindings are weird for us old farts used to "configure && make && make install".

If I manage to post this message, that at least means it runs, so have a horribly hacky package for the binary release while I go read some more about how the Go ecosystem works:

Apparently, the fact that a sequel to (my favourite open-world ever) is in advanced development was leaked a month ago, but nobody told me until today.

Maybe I should consider not getting all my news from since they are explicitly PC only and I do own a ?

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