It's again! Here's and in the weird lobby lighting of .

More photos:

Why don't developers understand how works? Reading e-mail in a configured to only show text/plain, I have stopped being surprised when the plaintext and HTML parts contain different information. The most common is missing variable expansions in the plaintext, but I've also seen text on completely different topics in the two parts.

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Hi, awhile back I spent a week on a road trip with my friends and a production crew. They ended up making this full on SHOW, which we are all genuinely proud of. I’d appreciate if you’d give Road Quest a look.

Why yes, , when I registered to download your "free community edition" for evaluation what I *really* wanted was to first have a personal conversation over e-mail with your salesdroid, 8 time zones away. It's not like I had allocated the time to try it right then.

FFS, . This is from the normal upgrade procedure, and/or my darkest nightmares:

"Verify that all file systems have been cleanly unmounted:
# echo "8192B.p S" | fsdb -t vxfs filesystem | grep clean
flags 0 mod 0 clean clean_value

A clean_value value of 0x5a indicates the file system is clean, 0x3c indicates the file system is dirty, and 0x69 indicates the file system is dusty."

First up against the wall when the revolution comes are people who write installation programs which ask for information at random points during a 2-hour procedure, instead of gathering everything at the start and letting me do something productive while it works in the background.

This is some next-level character encoding :

python3 -c 'import string; print(string.printable.isprintable())'

Arrrgh, . I thought Python 3 was supposed to Do Right. But there is still a built-in, fully supported, not deprecated way to check whether a character is printable which only considers US-ASCII, regardless of locale:

At least the Python 3 docs explicitly say it's ASCII only, unlike for Python 2 where it only says "characters" without further specification.

I found a small bug in a few days ago. A clear bug, with a 15-line deterministic reproducer, affecting the versions integrated in and . Since I did it on company time (and because it was the only venue I had a password for on hand), I reported it to under our support contract.

Today, they answered that they refuse to even read the report, since we don't have a support contract specifically for Ansible.

I often wonder why we bother paying them.

I finally got around to finding an plugin for (, so I can read ( again. I immediately found out that there's a dead-tree edition coming! ( For everyone who has to deal with customers or users, and isn't normally allowed to eat them, I heartily recommend this .

Arrrgh, . STDOUT defaults to USASCII if it isn't a TTY, regardless of LC_CTYPE. For example, if STDOUT is . This:

ansible localhost -m raw -a "python2 -c \"print u'\xe9'\""

is a UnicodeEncodeError.

This works:

ansible localhost -m raw -a "env PYTHONIOENCODING=UTF-8 python2 -c \"print u'\xe9'\""

But then I need to figure out how to set the environment of Ansible's uploaded Python module.

Python3 also works, but is not available on the target hosts because of Reasons.

At work earlier this afternoon, I noticed that an playbook, which was supposed to (among other things) print users' full names, omitted the character "é". Even though it's there in the source data, and the entire environment is supposed to be UTF-8.

I of course ran away screaming, but I can already feel the eldritch horrors of character encoding bugs in scratching at my office door, waiting for me to return so they can feed on my sanity.

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Gaze not into the abyss, lest you become recognized as an abyss domain expert, and they expect you keep gazing into the damn thing.

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#OpenBSD has disabled #DoH by default in our #Firefox packages. This is active in -current, and will be in our 6.6 -release.

From @otto 's commit message:

"""Disable DoH by default. While encrypting DNS might be a good thing, sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare by default is not a good idea.
Applications should respect OS configured settings."""

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A computer’s superpower, to freely copy and manipulate information, is in fundamental opposition with a scarcity economy.

Since the beginning of Web 2.0 it seems the entire industry has been focussed on artificially injecting scarcity back into the system.

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