Hole on the way in: "This is the coolest thing ever! I must see what's inside! Puuuuush!"
Hole on the way out: "What manner of fiendish trap is this? Human, release me immediately!"

And she said: "We are all just prisoners here
of our own device."

It turns out that my closest supermarket has two plant-based meat substitute hamburgers available for consumer purchase: Max Delifresh Plant Beef (which I have tried before; Max started serving them in their fast food chain restaurants last spring) and Beyond Burger (which the US-based press has hailed as the One True Future, but which I haven't seen here in Sweden before).

Having now tried both, my opinion is that the Max burger patties taste better, are easier to cook, and cost less.

When the sunset clouds look impressive enough, even a crappy mobile phone camera can convey a reasonable impression.

It's hard work, being the only hunter in the household, tasked with maintaining dignity and security at all times.

Found a smol noodle friend on the road while riding my bike today. We basically only have two species of snakes here in Sweden, only one of which is mildly venomous, and they are very good at hiding from clumsy hikers.

I wonder if we would be better at if more cities, like here, had a telling us to do it.

What's the correct social wingtip distance in a three-ship section over the mountains of northern Sweden?

The city is cutting down some of the trees in a park near me. They left a few of them as high stumps and brought in artists to carve them into animal motifs.

Fursuit dance contest or opera singing? Why not both?

@SignpostDragon@twitter.com at 2019

And here's the magpie in my back yard which was the actual reason I brought my good camera out.

Today's horror movie is "The yawning cat", a cautionary tale about taking your photos at the exact wrong time.

This is really cool. A medium-sized shopping centre in a large Swedish city is displaying advertising for . The text translates to "Tired of being tracked online? We'll help you."

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