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@MaxKriegerVG It's easy for someone who has accomplished something to say that said thing is not hard, as people tend to ignore the amount of work they had to do and only focus on the end result of things.

@pre @BryanLunduke I'm not even going into thee whole Internet of Shit stuff with my point. It seems that people are more paranoid when they are aware of the weight of their compromises, even if they didn't change at all over the years.

@pre @BryanLunduke Being paranoid will render you insane. It's a losing battle. Regardless of surveillance you are giving data at some point, directly or indirectly.

As I'm studying, I'm thinking that the rest periods are too short and the studying periods are too short as well.

@Gargron Is there a way to see both federated and local timelines on the web version of Mastodon?

@orangeapple Kids in Africa could've eaten those tears...

@downside Well, I find a bit annoying that I can't see both local and federated timelines at the same time, which alienates users from local content over different servers.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that 99% of Federated timeline posts I see are...blocks because I don't have the other character sets isntalled.

@BryanLunduke When will SSDs become cheap and reliable enough to the point we can ditch HDDs?

CrimSun boosted This is the last page I'm probably gonna be willing to post here, but here's the second finished page of this!

@andyAstruc Like chewing on an old teabag...

@Rushyo He's just following the Node.js rulebook.

@Rushyo What can you say about a language that was invented in 10 days? Not much.

Who to follow on ? It's a bit unintuitive...

@BryanLunduke When we'll see the whole puppet video?

Twitch stream about Skyrim modding with an actual copyright attorney.