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@BryanLunduke ''s presentation at some conference about just how much we're spied upon these days was both entertaining and interesting.

Crazy how much data they're gathering these days. The Stasi would be very proud of us.

If you ain't paranoid, you should be.

@pre @BryanLunduke Being paranoid will render you insane. It's a losing battle. Regardless of surveillance you are giving data at some point, directly or indirectly.

@CrimSun @BryanLunduke

Being paranoid doesn't mean you have to *act* paranoid.

Compared to the mean of how much people think they're being monitored, those with a true belief appear paranoid to the majority. So in order for them to achieve true beliefs, they'll have to become more paranoid from their point of view.

I have a phone, but I'm not buying a smart-lightbulb or an Internet fridge.

CrimSun @CrimSun

@pre @BryanLunduke I'm not even going into thee whole Internet of Shit stuff with my point. It seems that people are more paranoid when they are aware of the weight of their compromises, even if they didn't change at all over the years.

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