Does the Guys believe all other coins are scams or just most of them? I mean I'd entertain the notion most coins don't have community and money backing to become sound money. But it's a little earlier on to declare one coin the winner and all others scamcoins?

Might take another 10+ years before one coin becomes sound money.

SEC will not rule 's as a security?

I'd rather $XRP stay in the wars, instead of weeding them out so weaker coins can take their place. Let the market decide who the master coin is.

Updated my store to show review system for @_BitcoinPeople @bitrated. Also the Altcoin Gateway is updated so I can take , again.

More ShapeShift Five Finger Discount Stories. Clips someone's 2.5 BTC due to ToS Violation.

Hasn't been the first time they took and didn't give coins back. Google around and you'll see what I mean.

Don't trust central exchanges with your .

is currently having issues with payments and multi sig.

If you are intent on buying my stuff go to my site and purchase direct.

At least until OpenBazaar sorts out these issues.

and guys,

Regardless of ones opinion on which coin is the real Bitcoin.

It's still deceptive marketing to call "Bitcoin (BCH)", a practice spearheaded by Roger and CSW.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin Cash =/= Bitcoin (BCH)

Nicknames are fine though.

I think this whole pre-IPO is very fishy. Bitmain founded in 2013 and now an IPO/Pre-IPO.

Also the CSW egomaniac patent trolling nonsense in the middle of a bear market was a dumb idea. People had bad blood with that guy since Day 1 in BCH, for good reason.

Sadly the major and minor celebrities pretty much sway any way that maximizes there bottom line the most, disregarding the community. Dr. Wright just throws money around and people who get the money loves him more.

Price reductions and more items added to my WooCommerce site. Direct pay with BTC (bc1 addresses/segwit), BCH or Altcoins via ShapeShift.

Imagine Crypto Wars like a Tank Battle.

BTC is a Heavy Tank (odds favor it)
Top 5 Competitors are Medium Tanks
Minor Coins are Half Tracks.

Medium Tank has got a fair shot a outwitting a Heavy Tank, Half Tracks has 0% chance of victory.

I got rid all of my shitcoins when "I realized that all of them are simply a testing apparatus for bitcoin improvements. When I realized layers can be built on top of bitcoin that can implement the best ideas then that was it. Bitcoin 100%"

- Reddit User bluethunder1985

Interesting way of looking at it. Even the top 4 competitors to () are at a major development and financial disadvantage. Most coins have zero chance of becoming sound money.

I got addresses working with on my store. I switched over to . Should help customers complete payments faster.

Well so much for John McAfee's "unhackable" phone wallet Bitfi. A 15 year old hacked it.

LOL Dafuq?

If $bch splits into two (hardforked). I found the name for CSW coin. It's Red to show it's dead, it's toxic, and CSW blood-thirst for egomaniac drama.

guys are sitting back watching this shitshow with popcorn.


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