How are people carrying on with normal right now? This is surrreal, and very dystopian.

It's an honest question. Twitter and Facebook have nothing I want that Mastodon lacks, aside from a bigger user base. Everything is here - pictures, videos, links, and it's user friendly with only 1 extra thing to enter to long in.
What makes Twitter popular and Mastodon not so much?

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The fact it is still so slow to gain followers on this platform is disheartening. If I went over to Twitter, I'd have hundreds in no time. People really need to get off those spyware platforms.
Though the question is, do people flock to terrible platforms for some reason (perhaps features?), or is it that all hugely popular platforms end up evil? Would Mastodon start tracking if the userbase got as huge as Facebook at its peak, or Twitter?
What makes a platform popular?

My attention feels very spread thin.
Women's rights,
LGBT rights,
the failing of our democracy,
wealth inequality,
police brutality,
the utter failure of capitalism...
The list goes on, and I can't give time and attention to them one at a time because none of it can wait. On top of all this, I need to "earn a living". This is a dystopian hell, and I can't help but think about the fact it's not even the worst this planet of self important apes has to offer.

The Onion isn't funny anymore because their satire is too close to the actual fascism and insanity of our country's reality.

Every moment of the day, as I write, as I script, as I try to enjoy a show or a game... sitting in my mind are all the women in states baning abortion and can't get the care they need. My heart aches. If you're about to reply "don't think about it", stuff it. I will think about it, and act in every way I can.

I can say I am not appreciating having to choose between being distracted by a blaring loud air conditioner, or being distracted by being too hot. These articles feel like they might never get written.

Thomas Announces Targeting Of Gay Rights; Tacit New Direction To Anti-Abortion Movement

Republicans Say Immigrants Make Country WORSE & Loyalty to Trump MOST IMPORTANT!

'They step all over women’s rights,' woman says of U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Roe v. Wadee

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