Should I invest in commissioning original art for #DnD content I publish on the DM's Guild?

I mean, I'm coming up on a year of publications using the art made available by WotC, and I've earned a grand total of about $25. Would original art improve perception and earn more? Or would I just end up in the hole?

Thoughts, anyone?

@jskellogg I'd ask the people that bought it what changes would make them write a glowing review of it and recommend it to their friends and strangers. My guess is that art is low on the list, but could be wrong!

I don't have contact info for customers. I do know that if I update a product, the system will notify everyone who's purchased it; but doing that to ask them questions seems like an abuse.

Have any ideas for how to implement your suggestion?

@jskellogg argh, that is frustrating that you don't have a list. Definitely abusing the system to update just to survey. any other mechanism for reaching customers? If so, I'd ask them even if they haven't bought the specific product you're looking to update.

As far as I know, there's not way to tell who's bought my stuff. I just get a blind accumulation of earnings.


@jskellogg the marketer in me is thinking that you should find a way to get a list going :) it's yet another thing to do though when there's always so much more to do!

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