eBay customer complaint 

TFW you generally list books with the "Make an Offer" feature turned on, but then you decide to also try the new discount promotion feature to run a sale, and all of a sudden a million asshole nerds pop up offering $3 for a $12 item that is already discounted to $8.

Yeah, that face.

eBay customer complaint 

It's like they ALREADY KNOW that offering $3 on a $12 item is an embarrassing waste of my time, but they're TOTALLY willing to you know work their way there INCREMENTALLY or something.



eBay customer complaint 

@vaguery the "it never hurts to ask!" could just not and save everyone time. that would be nice.

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eBay customer complaint 

@Csalzman on the plus side, I get to add those people to the Blocked Bidders list

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