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Imagine: gmail but as responsive and quick loading as it was 10 years ago.

Finally investigated why I was seeing my internet just drop out from time to time throughout the day. Had forgotten to tweak my channel settings. Poor lil' router was on the same channel as every other router in the neighborhood.

@4lex there is nothing like that post-DM exhaustion. I’m always so jazzed yet so tired.

Watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Netflix has it right now) and it’s still funny.

Did some visual updates on the blog to remove google fonts and make a few links more prominent. Also split out a bunch of blog posts from the newsletters: feels good.

D&D Spooky Haunted House Session 1 was a lot of fun! Highlight was them defeating a creepy animated painting in the storage room. It kept putting them to sleep so they had to act fast.

Odd biking problem: my jeans don't fit because my quads are bigger.

I don't skip leg day because leg day is every day.

Planning a haunted house dungeon for my players. Embracing the spooky and spoopy

Are you a cybersecurity expert, cybercriminal, or a console cowboy?

(going through old joke images and I really love this one)

Hey friends,

I'm gonna try to supplement my (non-existent) income with freelancing, so I've set up an account on UpWork to do work in both editing/proofreading and game design consulting.

If anybody from here needs help, I'd be happy to cut you a deal so I can get some successful contracts to show on the site.

Here's the link to my profile:

Boosts appreciated, thanks!

RELATED: if you're always thinking "there's got to be a better way to do this" whenever you have a monotonous hour-long task you might enjoy learning to code.

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PROTIP for working with coders: tell them every time you're about to do a task that will be boring and monotonous, but will be done in an hour or two and you can move on with your life. It will bother them and they'll think of a way to write a script to do it instead.

also trying to rework in my head what is considered "worthy" of a blog post. they don't have to be a certain length. heck, most toots could probably be posts.

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Reworking some of my old newsletter blog posts to split out essays that were embedded inside of them. At the time the newsletter format was good for me. Now I'm sad I don't have a URL to point to directly.

@sstrudeau we've never found a reminders or todo app that has worked for us. a whiteboard and a physical calendar seems to work well.

Messages will be the hardest one to sort out. We do have a family slack team though!

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