wow, it's over. I read the books more than ten years ago so this feels... weird

weird to have been a fan of this world for more than ten years.

having a party today but no one has shown up yet and tbh I hope no one does so I can have a nap

ok so she can't really sing but I love this song

lol when trash vcs get called out for picking up guys at Barry's & bragging about their firms

my beard has started coming in grey so it's never coming back sorry

wow IT ME. This is exactly what happened to me at my last job (and why I had to take 3 months off between work). Thank you for putting it into works

SF people I'll be at Qbar all day tomorrow watching eurovision come say hi πŸ’–

THE JUNGLE is must see in San Francisco. it was incredible.

the jungle!! (@ Curran - in San Francisco, CA)

hm is it time to take out the septum piercing

catching up on the eurovision stuff, switzerland is really land of the dancing hot twinks huh

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