Luv 2 wander home at 5:30 covered in glitter

Going to a google holiday party tonight where I won’t know anyone 🙇🏼‍♂️

Ok, did great and sent me some money toward new AirPods 😍

Minneapolis passes a plan to upzone single family neighborhoods (70% of the city) 😱😱

Tbh I think scooters can work in cities for the last mile. They’ve worked really well in San Diego and other cities that can properly support them

40% of cocaine deaths, 37% of heroin deaths and 19% of oxycodone deaths also involved Fentanyl. Why does it feel like this doesn’t have an end in sight ☹️

I continue to have no idea what I want to do with my hair so I’ve done nothing 🙈

Ok bought my ticket to nyc for February, get ready for me to force you to hang out with me 🥰

I wonder what these 5 states did to have a shortfall this year - did they lower taxes on top of the trump cuts?

This is INCREDIBLE, the of WinAMP skins 😍I remember spending hours getting mine EXACTLY right (for the 40 britney playlists I had..)

Flying on new Alaska airbus cabin for the first time this weekend ✈️ 😲

We’re getting down to the wire. Nearly every middle and lower class person qualifies for some subsidies, and in some counties and states this year the gold plans are cheaper than the silver ones. Don’t end up bankrupt because you didn’t at least look.

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