What if we just... didn’t have Twitter come back up


Thanks twitter for going down on a glitch feature launch day lol

the last black man in SF is a MUST SEE. surreal to be in a theatre watching a movie about a city I truly love, and the movie theatre itself shows up on screen across the street

I'm at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – New Mission - @drafthousesf@twitter.com in San Francisco, CA swarmapp.com/c/ivneEvVPz1n

wow it's been so long since i played borderlands 2 that I have no idea what i'm doing
(did i ever??)

hm i need to come up with a CRJ pride outfit in... a few days

its so cool that even as someone who understands health insurance and worked in the field I end up with a mystifying $4,000 bill from a provider

I'm... attracted to the villain on this season of Jessica Jones πŸ₯΄

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