@garrett @directhex discovered yesterday that the voice assistant on it is good enough to say "Set a timer for 10 minutes" and it immediately does the exact thing you want - last time I tried that with Google Now it didn't work quite right and required confirmation so I was pleasantly surprised. Overall just a nice solid watch with good-enough battery life. The way it displays notifications is nice and allows replying too (if you want to do that on a watch for some reason...)

@garrett @directhex So I pulled the trigger on a Samsung Galaxy Watch, and finally I've found something I like more than my Pebble. With the screen always-on while I'm awake, the battery life is about 2 days (double-to-triple that without, but what's the point in a watch if you can't always see the time?). Some really nice features and the interface is pretty slick (if still a bit Samsung...) - love the rotating bezel, definitely the best watch input method that anyone's come up with so far...

@fraggle hah, I missed that... Seems like that backfired, perhaps?

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if you find a security bug in mastodon that is called rootin' tootin'

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I'm using the bridge site to find all my mufos. It takes a few minutes to pull but it may help others who can't find their people: bridge.joinmastodon.org/friend

@theoutrider quite possibly - I've always heard the musical equivalent being called noodling

It's Orwell Bluegrass Festival this weekend - my band, The Vanguards, will be playing on Friday at 14:40, with special guest Ewan Penkey on bass :)

Also very much looking forward to trying out Shackleton's new bluegrass banjo: instagram.com/p/BToGEdwl8Tu/?t - expecting it to be pretty powerful...

Don't really post much on here... Maybe I'll just talk about banjo-related things, as opposed to on Twitter where it's mostly just tech and sarcasm.

Let's start off with all of the multi-track banjo recordings I've got on YouTube so far: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRG

@hergertme judging on clients turning up on Android, I'd be surprised if there wasn't an API... I think at least one is open-source, probably worth a look?

so, are people tooting their tweets? (love that sentence!) Or do people treat Mastodon differently somehow?


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