Today we flashed another two with in our at @daslabor during our spring(); break; event. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» For the first time we had a non-Thinkpad device: a HP 2570p. There were still for the EC to be extracted though. Thanks to all participants!

We're getting closer to . πŸ™‚

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@CyReVolt @daslabor todo: stockpile 2670p's before coreboot support official and they disappear from ebay

@CyReVolt @daslabor woah, that's super cheap. Good investment πŸ˜›

@gdr @daslabor Yes, I thought the same. ^^ The flash chip is 16M, which I find quite awesome. I can put a full payload in there. :)

@CyReVolt @daslabor looking forward to hear how this worked. Next you can port openwrt, there's enough flash for that 😁

@CyReVolt @daslabor Holy crap, I have one of those HP Elitebooks. That ... is very ... I would very much appreciate any links / hints / etc pertaining to the flashing.

@Truck @daslabor Sure! Someone else already asked me on Twitter as well.
Have you ever looked into coreboot? I'll write up a detailed PDF with a friend.
I gave a talk yesterday, so I habe some slides to share for now:

@CyReVolt @daslabor I have looked into coreboot; that was why I am so interested. I have considered picking up one of the thinkpads that NORMALLY are used, but - I have many machines already, and it may be that my thinkpads (I have 2) may be able to be used.

I will look over the slides and will look at this -- in the coming weeks (: (have a server migration to finish.)

@AbbieNormal @CyReVolt @daslabor "Das Labor" is one of the hacker (and more) spaces in Bochum.
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