What a beautiful day to . ✨🙂
Check out , , and the many other operating systems! If you're used to , you might wish to look at other and OSs. 👩🏻‍💻

Nomad on a stick, but soon to merge onto internal HD.
Love it so far.
Finally some order, stability and "proper", mature Unix…
…to run ed(1) on.


@neb You can also upgrade to if you want a real . :)

@CyReVolt but `sed(1)` is just a stream editor, not a file editor (ie. it just modifies output).
I'd have to pipe it through `cat(1)` or smth.
Or `sed -i` for the non-purists.

@neb The -i is awful bloat, yes. Be true UNIX. Do one thing and do it well. An editor doesn't need to do file I/O. :D

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