Love this statement from @eylul:

"I literally stopped gaming because I didn't want to switch back."


@equidorks Neither do I mean specifically. I like it when people (or companies even) are choosing free over non-interoperable, closed, problematic software (or hardware, for the matter), because the see the huge win over a little loss of entertainment. That's exactly how I entered the space as well a decade ago.

@CyReVolt I suspect most people would rather die than have even the slightest loss of entertainment

@equidorks Psst, you've uncovered the media industry's abusive business model.

It only isn't abuse in case of informed consent, knowing about alternatives and not being made believe by the industry that there's no alternative.

@equidorks @regines It's not about force, is it? They run advertisement campaigns. We talk to people. They are in the supply chains. We are at the bottom. That's about it.

@CyReVolt and why would anyone want to head towards the bottom

@equidorks The idea of "heading towards" is the problem here.

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