Tech opinion: we need a Linux of phones

And I don't mean like android or like an actual Linux distribution for phones, I mean the same approach to mobile development that's taken to Linux development, which is make shit that works on the worst of devices, have a million forks for users to pick from, try wacky stuff and weird configurations, and let me touch every single part of my device


@dragon What I am sayig is that I intend to work on such projects. A suitable platform would be necessary as a start.

Some related projects:
- KaiOS, a fork of FxOS, formerly B2G
- Hellaphone

Are you also starting somethig? I'm interested in exchange. \o/

@CyReVolt unfortunately I don't have the skills or time required right now to do anything, but I've sorta explained what I meant in my reply to xenofem earlier, Linux was never designed for touch interfaces and I don't think a Linux based project would work, if I could I'd absolutely start a project for a fully free touch-focused operating system, something made for phones and tablets from the start and that's built on stable technologies as opposed to like java

@dragon Alright. Aren't most POS and other touch devices in the embedded space based on Linux? What would be wrong with it? It wouldn't have to be Java of course, so as I wrote, Hellaphone, FxOS etc are very viable options. The problem is really just with vendors not publishing sources. You'd have to reverse engineer many things.

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