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My response to 'Lefties Can't Play the Politics Game' by Vaush is OUT NOW. Enjoy, and spread it far and wide if you have a few moments! :)

just keep campaigning for him comrades he'll move left any moment now

(for the irony impaired, this has been simultaneously an elaborate shitpost and a horrifying glimpse into the inevitable future of leftist twitter discourse a few months from now)

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like it or not the democratic party is our ONLY hope at making things better. so from now on that's where i'll be. and not making a fuss about unpopular ideas like universal healthcare and fair wages. but with the establishment all the way. anything less is letting the right win

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rejecting insane revolutionary fantasies of changing things through protest isn't enough. we also need to reject the idea that you can genuinely support a candidate and criticize them at the same time. do you see fascists criticizing trump? NO.

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there's no room for 'settling' for biden. our ambivalence toward biden helped trump to win again. we NEED to passionately, CONSISTENTLY and UN-critically support + campaign for democratic candidates. otherwise we allow republicans to walk on the oppressed again and again

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taking the lib pill, a thread (1/4)
seeing how leftie wannabe revolutionaries got trump re-elected by REFUSING to support joe biden made me realize that if we want to keep the republicans out of power we need to ignore the whiny radicals and SUPPORT the democrats whole-heartedly

got bored of the avatar that made me look like a smug asshole so now i'm trialling one that makes me look like an absolute clown instead. let me know what you think

when half the left online thinks the absolute best way to fight fascism is to transform into liberals I feel a lot more sympathetic toward the people who just constantly post 'READ THEORY'. might become one.

so I noclipped through a bit of the opening map of Half-Life 2 and when I got to the interrogation room where you meet barney I realized I'd somehow triggered this rather disturbing glitch.

you bastard, barney. how could you

yes i spent last night vibing to sick rock jams and cooking vegan butter chicken in my pajamas at 10:30pm don't hate

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Probably gonna eventually do a video on brain-computer interface tech and the implications of implementing it under capitalism / class society in general.

If you've heard the 'equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome' spiel from conservatives one too many times, this takedown from Johnno is very therapeutic (and ends with a good observation on the more sinister subtext of that argument)

yes i think it is fantastic that a for-profit corporation is going to start putting brain-manipulating chips in people's heads i see no possible way this could end up having horrifying consequences for humanity

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