Ah understand. Hope he put it on his roadmap.
I write him for a few days for more poll options like in Threema.
But I think he is busy with the many new india users. 😎

@BLUW Lol, yes right now Indians are moving over to this place after years of nonsense from Twitter censorship. This gave Me a lot fresh hope that My Indian friends are therefore not dormant in terms of their ability to adopt new platforms or tools/apps of communications over evil Facebook WhatsApp Twitter. Many have already moved to signal. I hope they try Threema & RiotChat too soon.

And I hope after that we get a bigger wave of average german people.
Sometimes it's monotonous to read only about Nerd stuff and a small filter bubble of the same content.


I hope so My friend @BLUW .... India gets in a great state of sudden awareness about right to privacy whenever the government is involved into some anti privacy mischief. But otherwise we are pretty happy sharing data with Chinese TikTok or WhatsApp FB Twitter or hardware makers like Xiaomi who shows ads in their phone UI now. So kind of unpredictable approach.

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So you think many people awake now?

Sad that it need a prominent Person for that.
And sad that there a so less prominent people which goes first as positive example.

Nahhhh.... @BLUW Its just a phase... All credit goes to some like @prasanna_s @digitaldutta @nixxin who understand this game.... Rest just followed them - so i hope the millage of this trend depends on these few people who set this trend in the first place & can fuel it further towardsMatrix.org in RiotChat insted of mobile no. based centralized Signal app which sets the upper threshold now outside the Facebook's owned WhatsApp's world of pseudo security...

@CyberHues @BLUW @prasanna_s @digitaldutta @nixxin is RiotChat ready yet? When it comes to security, is it not prudent to choose to most audited app, viz. the one whose source code has had the most eyes looking over it.

@ahalam I am sorry to reply so late.

In this age of easy communication & mass surveillance we mostly ignore security of our personal information. But things are changing with better awareness - even governments in developed countries like France Germany Canada are adopting Riot chat for their officials.... Who earlier used WhatsApp, Telegram. LOl

I see Mastodon & Riot Chat as the best combo for the future. Check their website - matrix.org for details. Let Me know if U wanna talk on this more.

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