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announcing new instance 

i made this one-enby instance yesterday and i'll probably transition from dot social to this over time. feel free to follow.

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Introduction Post 2.0 

Hi, I'm Cyclidéon. I run a blog on Tumblr by the same name, dealing with anarchist and radical politics.

I worked at a gas station for three years, and recently started work at a factory. Not really much of a tech person.

I'm a queer person (agender & pansexual), and I wrestle with a lot of anxiety.

There's not much to me, but if you enjoy bad puns and radical politics, feel free to stick around. Or don't. I'm not your boss. 🖤

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Introduction 3.0 

Howdy. I'm a queer factory worker, infrequent blogger, and sleepy enby.

I mostly complain about shitty current events and dream of beautiful future events. Occasionally I talk about video games.

I'm an anarchist without adjectives. But I'm also deeply interested in individualist, mutualist, and transhumanist schools of anarchism, as well as anarchist ethics. You'll find a ton of that here too.

That's pretty much it. Feel free to stick around. <3

the year is 3403 AD, crime is legal and cop's are illegal, only one man is willing to break the law to make the law legal again: Crimecop

Computers must live strange lives. I've read a lot of bios of famous people, but when I tried reading my computer's bios, I only came away confused

Don't ever call me "kind". I bully with sweetness.

fundraising for queer self-defense in brazil 

There's been another uptick of violence against queer people in Brazil. I'm posting this fundraiser again, since C4SS has now decided to match $500 in donations (an increase from the original $250). It's at $715 when I post this, so consider chipping in.

You can read about the violence and find a link to the fundraiser here:

announcing new instance 

wish i picked a different subdomain name but oh well

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announcing new instance 

i made this one-enby instance yesterday and i'll probably transition from dot social to this over time. feel free to follow.

People in LA are occupying property to prevent the sheriff from evicting a family, Follow @LATenantsUnion and @salvo_paper for updates!

Wise words.

My people don't talk about it. We be about it. No justice, no peace.

committing time theft daydreaming about pretty girls

even more instance stuff 

i went ahead and set up my own one-enby instance but i'll hold off on advertising it here until i play with it a little

first things first, rest in peace scooby doo

more instance stuff 

theres also the advantage of blocking both me as a user and me as an instance, so you get two ways to block me. i would give you options.

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Your attention please!

Today is the Dutch #activist and #anarchist Joke Kaviaar arrested and send to jail. She must stay in jail for 71 days.

Joke is also active on Mastodon (and therefore the Fediverse) under the alias @Jo.

Her arrest was not a surprise, cause she lost earlier this month her last appeal. She must go to jail cause she first published alleged seditious texts, criticizing in her unique creative style the Dutch #asylum policy. The second reason was an action in a municipal council chamber against the #deportation of children and their families. So yes, she has to go to jail because of a now forbidden text and a non-violent action.

Read more about this all here:

This is the side of the #Netherlands you don't hear about comrades. So please don't think this country is a free haven. It' s a neo-liberal tax haven, and don't you dare to criticize the state. Of course the Dutch national media is silent about this and that in the same week as a near government coalition conflict about child deportation.

Please boost to show your #solidarity!


social media is community infrastructure and requires ethical, accountable governance as much as roads and bridges do.

more instance stuff 

i think i've seen at least one instance that was just one person and no one else. i kinda prefer to be by myself so that idea intrigues me but idk how to run an instance.

QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK is an urgent act of publishing that’s radical, messy, and future-looking. It’s a signal sent out into muddy waters, the start of a speculative practice emerging from (and moving towards) the undercommons—a collective place for subversive artists and writers who reject normative narratives. THIS PUBLICATION IS A LOOSE ASSEMBLING OF QUEER METHODOLOGIES, WITH A PARTICULAR VIEW TOWARDS NETWORK CULTURE, FAILURE, AND REFUTATION.

Every anarchist, as an anarchist, would be perfectly willing to surrender his own scheme directly, if he saw that another worked better.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

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