teen vogue posting an introduction to anarchism is a strange but beautiful thing

old conservative: "ah, let's see what the Young People are reading these days"

teen vogue: "Levántate, pueblo leal, al grito de revolución social"

old conservative: "what the fuck"

@Cyclideon There's a lot of people I wish would either move to Mastodon or use Discord more often

Honestly, what did they expect if they kept making social change impossible through legal means?

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, are making violent revolution inevitable."

Did they really expect people to say "oh, well, guess there's nothing we can do about it now, let's submit to our corporate overlords"? 🙄

No wonder we have teacher strikes and even prison strikes now. The US is a social pressure cooker. Capitalists, YOU WERE FUCKING WARNED.

@Cyclideon wow it even made a clause disavowing ancaps..
damn teen vogue good job

@Cyclideon while this is great:
They have some weird scrolling problems in mobile FF which makes it unreadable...

@Cyclideon doomed Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten? Eh... whut?
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