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i think we need the following:

- sort your followers: Audiences (similar to Circles/Aspects)
- sort your follows: Lists (can also be called Timelines or whatever)
- sort your posts: Collections / Streams

Why do all those sites about ergonomic products have such a blindingly white background? Is that considered ergonomic to the eyes?

@Laurelai also because what we call democracy is only so under fairly loose sense of the word… if the system has even a hint of authoritarianism it will slide that way unless there is friction.

All of the pundits have it wrong. The reason democracies are sliding toward autocracy is because automation is making citizen productivity obsolete and detaching wealth production from the well being of the people.

If you are reading this and you assume you have no such capacity for great evil, im telling you right now you are lying to yourself. And you are dangerous because of it.

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Have you sat and looked at your own capacity for evil? This is a needed thing among the left.

One of our members - @PMBeers@twitter.com who was censored by Twitter on same day as Global Revolution, Audiovisol, AntiMedia (also censored by fb),
@vladt @nikkyschiller and others were censored, had her account restored the day after Los Angeles Times writes an in depth expose.


The rest of us are still banned - which shows how hypocritical twitter really is

They will from the void build new works powered by the willful.

They will control their data, not entrusting their cache with the wizards in their towers.

They will work together to restore the future to it's intended state.

They will win with numbers, resolve, their will, and mutual aid.

They will win because the cruelty of greed is not more powerful that the instinct to survive, nor the nature of freedom.

Shape the void.

Own the wires.

Restore the future.

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MS engineers find out about product releases from the developer blogs... just like everyone else...

Uh... that's not good change management... but I think we knew that already.

Once there was a promising young technomancer who abandoned all of his principles and collected everyone's data. He told them it was safe with him, and in time they believed him.

Over time the technomancer realized he had amassed so much information that he became mightier than even the leaders of the world, but his greed and desire for wealth kept him from noticing.

He began to sell his influence to these leaders and got them hooked on his data.

They used it solve crimes, and they used it protect the endangered, and they used it to detect who would likely do crime, and they used it to keep the people divided, and they used it to topple one another's nations.

All the while making the no longer young technomancer even more powerful and wealthy.

The prophecy says that the Technomancer will try to destroy those who oppose him. But the agents of the wires will bring him to his knees by rebuilding what was lost.

We should start a support group for Mastodon admins.

Now if only Mastodon had any circles/group feature... Even GNUSocial had that!

Mastodon isn't sustainable.

Even on what is mostly a single-user instance like mine it uses around 10GB of disk space per month. The database stores 348.389 statuses.

If we want Mastodon to succeed, we have to solve this.


PewDiePie is "accidentally" involved with Nazis again, weird how that keeps happening! rightwingwatch.org/post/youtub

the old testament is just a boneless epic of gilgamesh

So, for future reference, if a DL380 G5 server dies on you, you can totally slap the P400 raid controller into any old PC with a PCI-E 8x slot and boot a live linux usb to get the data off the disk array.

2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer
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