Under the new Crime Law, people can be hauled off and tested for
HIV infection merely by being accused of a sex crime.

If you don't call this real violence, I don't what you call it -- does
it matter if the victims are anonymously disappeared or if others
know that they're in prison?

This *is* a country under heavy oppression -- it's just arranged so
that it's next to invisible to the people who aren't in prison or
don't know anybody there. We're also trained to think that we're
living in a dangerous time by the mass media, while statistics simply
don't bear this out. mailing-list-archive.cryptoana

That's compared to the entire world, and this was the case before
the USSR dissolved. The only country ahead of us then was South
Africa, and we passed them -- before their government changed. mailing-list-archive.cryptoana

More to the point, the United States has the highest percentage of
its population in prisons (according to Amnesty International
statistics). Enough to swing an election. mailing-list-archive.cryptoana

I disagree: In the U. S. we have real repression. Current real total
taxation is approx. 45%. I believe the serfs of Europe only paid a
small amount above 1/12 of their production to their lords. That's a
little in excess of 8.3% We revolted against English rule for taxation
that was tiny compared to current burden. mailing-list-archive.cryptoana

(Lest I sound like a leftist, I'm not. I'm just seeing the full
flowering of the American imperialist state, spreading its form of
totalitarian government to other nations.)

* U.S. tells the U.N. when to jump and how high. Only concession is
that tell them how high in "meters" instead of in feet. Hence the
rumblings from U.N. about Haiti invasion, Rwanda, Somalia, Cuba, etc.
(In case of Haiti, no foreign aggression, so this is an unheard of
extension of the charter.)

* U.S. law enforcement (FBI, DEA, CIA, NSA) throws weight around with
Interpol, with Latin America (War on Drugs, Peru, Columbia, etc.), FBI
Director Louis Freeh travels to Russia to coordinate. Russia, flat on
its back, naturally acquiesces.

China, as the most obvious example, is working this
fear-of-the-west hard to gain support in Asia and the Middle
East for its nuclear program. Smaller countries have shown in
their UN votes that they might welcome increased Chinese power
to offset the Soviet loss, even as they hold out hands to the

Other countries' drive for nuclear weapons, or alliances with
those who have nuclear capabilities, is based what they think
is a "real politik" necessity to the loss of being able to
balance the Soviets against the US.

Those who have lived abroad know that fear of our foreign
policy is greater than the US public may want to believe. Our
domestic-oriented politics clouds understanding of the effects
of what is perceived to be aggression against the sovereignty
of other nations' culture.

Some folks in other countries of more afraid of the USG and
national security capitalism (protection of "national
interest") than some of us are. They view it as normal that
the Government will advance and protect interests of its
economy, including, if necessary, by military force.

Our approach combines the following four known problems into a fatal attack:

1) Consumer machines are insecure and easily compromised.
2) Keyboard sniffers are easy to write.
3) Credit card numbers are self-identifying (they have check digits)
and can easily be extracted from a huge stream of input data.
4) Once intercepted, small amounts of information (e.g. a cc #)
may be distributed completely tracelessly over the Internet.

Ok, so I've got my BeBox and so finally have an SMP of my own again;
anyone want to suggest any cool crypto stuff that parallelises well?
Rogaways hashs look interesting, and nDES offers an obvious process
network for pipelining, but what about things like running multiple
interleaved CBC streams in parallel, with each stream starting off from a
different IV? I can't think of any practical ways of speeding up a single
RSA operation, although twice as many processors mailing-list-archive.cryptoana

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