hey do you guys know any good instances I can migrate to? I'm thinking maybe that one monster themed one but if anyone knows a better one lemme know

My crux, of which I've yet to name still.

they definitely dabble around with shit they shouldn't!

Wise words that hit me hard enough to make me tear up apparently

guns, implied death?? 


Oof, me n a friend are Anxiety 

anyhow, I'll be getting back on track now that things are peachier in my head

I finally feel okay enough to tackle the weird seam issues I've been having with this recent commission [flex]

I'm a lot more stable now.

I'm sorry if I worried anyone, just know that not matter how miserable I get, I'll be okay in the end.

Sometimes I just need to be a little dramatic before I can properly ride some things out, as much as I hate that about me.

alcohol (I'm sober) 

alcohol mention, mild nsfw 

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