Wacom drawing tablets are spying on every app you open, and sending the data back to Wacom

@D3ant Technically it's the closed source drivers that do it. The Linux driver is fine. The tablet hardware itself is not doing any spying.
(but i'd still reconsider buying a Wacom product again, ever since they pulled this trick)

@D3ant (don't quote me on this though, maybe their very new very smart hardware will send your nudes to the NSA, even if you don't have nudes. but i'm fairly certain my old Intuos won't spy.)

@wzqtparor @grainloom I think it too ; I think that this only applies to the closed Wacom driver

@grainloom @D3ant Yeah, it's part of the Windows drivers that Wacom packages. It's not like the tablets themselves are siphoning your data, scanning for open wi-fi connections and pushing the data out.

In general Wacom tablets/interfaces work with under Linux:

@D3ant as sinister as this is I'm also internally laughing my ass off over the fact I clocked more hours on the Diablo 2 expansion than anything (even drawing) when I had a Wacom tablet.

I hope they think of me as some sort of mythical madlad about the gaming usage tbh.

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