Neofeud is a game where a social worker for homeless robots takes on a cabal of post-human trillionaires in floating palaces above endless planetary slum.
Grab Neofeud 1 & help this finish NF2! (pictured)

ive been hired as a hitman but for seducing the olympic athletes to make sure they fuck before the olympics, thereby ensuring that they wont be able to finish the ritual and bind my evil master to the five dread rings

pinning 'cardboard considered anti-sex material in japanese culture??' on my conspiracy corkboard and drawing lines from it to 'nintendo labo' and 'wife's boyfriend'

New mix from Lobsta-B! He's one of my fave artists and always knocks it out of the park. Plus he dresses like a lobster, so, you know, I was an instant fan.

Last chance to check out the Stamina Records store, which is shutting down TONIGHT. Plenty of great Freeform bangers from these legends, will be sad to see them go. <3

I picked up the whole collection just about, it's all deeply discounted - give it a peek!

Given that Ontario's government has decided not to issue vaccine cards beyond the basic printable receipt, those interested in knowing the vax status and requirements of local businesses in can turn to a local initiative instead:

public transport opinion 

Okay self-driving cars seem like a really good idea, but I don't think they're ready to use on the open roads yet. I'd suggest keeping them on a fixed route where no other vehicles can go to minimize risk of collision.
We should probably have fixed places where people can get on and off. The cars come in, open their doors, let people enter and exit, and then continue on their journey.
Speaking of which, we should probably also make them larger to increase efficiency and again, to minimize risk of accidents.
We could even couple several of them together into one combined vehicle.
And since they're only going on a fixed route anyway, it makes more sense to use steel wheels on steel rails instead of rubber on asphalt.
I know it's an outlandish concept, but I'm convinced it might work really well if we ever get to try it out on a large scale

One of my favourite articles on the internet, one that I periodically return to and recommend to friends:

A great look by author Charles Stross at and the sort of horrifying version of it we invented in... 1844.

First time I've recommended it on this platform, but surely not the last!

"When FB says that it needs total control over its servers or Cambridge Analytica will steal our data, we have to remember that FB already let Cambridge Analytica steal our data."

Facebook's data monopoly is, in part, a policy choice. And there are better choices available.

reification is the marxist process by which all things are slowly transformed and eventually converge into ayanami rei

Fossil fuel workers are ready to transition to a clean economy. It's just the billionaires who are still holding out against reality.

Show tonight! 

I've got a couple nice jams to show off this evening, and will be cooking up some new ones on stream afterwards. Once the music is done, I'm going to be fielding some questions from @eclectic over jitsi about the production of Anachron! If you're at all interested in learning how the sausage is made, I encourage you to tune in.
I'll be going live with tunes at 8 EST, and then again for an interview at 10. Hope to see you there!

the correct way to do arrow keys on laptops is to make them full size and put the up arrow to the left of right shift

Solidarity with the Cuban people in their continued struggle against the yoke of US imperialism

I love to point out how both Iran and Cuba have had popular votes on their constitutions, unlike the US

I googled that thing about how long medieval peasants worked, and one of the top results is some chode from the "Adam Smith Institute" getting butthurt about people learning about this

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