I hope everyone who listened in to the last night found something they enjoyed!

The playlist as well as streaming and download links can be found here:


Hey hey hey! Here's your friendly reminder the will be streaming tonight from 9 - 11pm EST.

Simply point your browser to player.shoutca.st/?username=th to listen,


opportunity.shoutca.st/start/t to listen, make requests, or get links for your favorite apps.

As usual, requests can be made here or by email at dj.baron@tutanota.com.

Visit hub.disroot.org/channel/volkst

I hope everyone who tuned in for last night's found something they enjoyed! Here's the playlist as well as links for downloads and streaming the set (available only for 1 week):


Tune in TONIGHT! for some good ole fashion'd Post-Punk, Goth, Alternative, Industrial, 80s, and more at the .

You don't have to expose yourself to pestilence and plague to hear some tunage! Stay home, enjoy a beverage or 6 and do your community some good by social distancing.

Tonight from 9 - 11pm EST

Listen in at:



Requests: here, email at dj.baron@tutanotoa.com, or hub.disroot.org/channel/volkst in the comments before 8pm.

Hey hey! It's time for another !

Tune in THIS FRIDAY from 9 - 11pm EST for hot, streaming Post-Punk, Goth, Industrial, Punk, 80s, & MORE!


Point your browser to player.shoutca.st/?username=th to listen
go to opportunity.shoutca.st/start/t to listen, make requests, or get links for your favorite streaming app.

As always, requests can be made here!

I hope everyone who tuned in last night to the found something they enjoyed and something new to which to listen!

Without further ado, here's the playlist:


Just a few hours until !

If you can tear yourself away from that Werner Herzog documentary you're watching, tune in from 9 - 11pm EST for some Goth, Post-Punk, Punk, 80s, and more!




Requests here!

Just finished roughing out the playlist tonight. Looks diverse. It should be. I get ideas from listening to my entire collection on random while lifting weights.

Streaming every other Friday 9-11pm EST

I got new stuff, though, so keep your ears open for some seriously good stuff from the likes of Ötzi, Actors, Bambara...

Tune in:
opportunity.shoutca.st/start/t (requests and links for VLC, etc can be found here)

Hey there friends! I've set up a Hubzilla channel. Fell free to follow and all that!

Baron Armenius von Hugenstein - dj_baron@hub.disroot.org


I've moved the to a new schedule.

I won't be streaming tonight. My apologies to my regular listeners.

Starting next week, I'll be moving to a bi-weekly schedule and I will return to streaming from 9-11pm EST. I'll see how that fits until the end of July and then will consider any further changes. Of course, feedback is encouraged.

Due to the less 100% likelihood I will be in town this Friday, will be postponed this week.

I apologize to you regular listeners. I'll be back next week.

Also, I'm, again, considering a time or day (Saturday) change due to my recent return to normal day job responsibilities.

If you gave a preference let me know.

Another week's has come and gone.

Never fear! If you missed it, the set has been time shifted for your listening convenience! Links can be found here:


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