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Just a couple of days until !

Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, 80s, Post-Punk, Punk, & more!

Friday 8-10pm EST

Take a break from isolation, quarantine, and COVID-19. It may be only a couple of hours of music but remember, these ravens and vultures will disappear one of these days and the soon will shine forever (even if you're Goth). (requests possible here)


Last week's playlist:

Thanks to everyone who listened in tonight. Illinois made it's first appearance in the logs as well! I was wearing my Convergence 10 shirt yesterday!

Fun times all around!

Couldn't make it or want to hear something again? The playlist and links can be found here for one week: appears down so I won't be setting anything through my main account.

Just about an hour and a half until the ! Front-loaded with Goth for World Goth Day!

Fridays, 8-10pm EST
or (requests possible through here)


8 to 10pm EST

streams into your home for your entertainment & edification!

Power to the people
Pump the lyrical

Tune in: (request through this site)

VLC works great! Save the address and call up effortlessly!

Requests can be made here or by email to

Stay safe this weekend, wear your mask & remember the victims of the wars of conquest & imperialism.

Working on tomorrow's playlist. Looking forward to a good set!

Listen in with fellow humans from Ohio, Florida, California, New York, Utah, Texas, Germany, and the UK (so far) at: (requests are available here)

Requests can always be made here, or email them to

Last week's playlist can be seen, for a limited time only!, here:

Another is in the history books. Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

Didn't make it? You're in luck because the playlist and download links will be up for a week:

Only an hour away until the !

Stop on by for 80s, Post-Punk, Goth, Darkwave, and (probably) something completely different!

Or (you can make requests here, too!)

We've made it through another week and I'll be returning to the virtual airwaves with another installment of the . Haven't worked on a playlist yet so anything could go out. Right now, I'm listening to Echo and Bunnymen. Will that influence me?

Tune in from 8-10pm EST at:

Last week's playlist can be found here:

Requests can be made at here!

I swear, being in Gogol Bordello has got to be one of the best things ever.

And we're live!

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