: "Make no mistake about why these babies are here - they are here to replace us." - Jerry Seinfeld

7 steps to control your . ✌🏽

👉🏻 Quit Facebook

👉🏻 Install an ad/tracker blocker

👉🏻 Destroy your smartphone

👉🏻 Paint your face before going outside

👉🏻 Write opt-out letters to each of the 4,000 data brokers

👉🏻 Avoid other humans (FB gets your data from them)

👉🏻 Move to a remote forest

Lime Scooters: Move fast and break bones


<<Lime has admitted that a glitch is causing an unknown number of e-scooters in its New Zealand fleet to randomly brake mid-ride, sending passengers flying.

It happened to Auckland's Chris St Bruno, whose resulting "excruciating" injuries required three days in hospital and 10 weeks off work. >>


<<" We are currently examining whether a software update could be causing a reboot during the ride." >>

700 anti-vaxxers at a rally in Washington state in cold weather to oppose a bill restricting unvaccinated childrens' access to public schools.

Perhaps Nature will take its course with so many of those people in a small space.

AOC is a perfect example of how broken our government is. Because she has simultaneously become both a hero and a devil by saying what a lot of people already think and having a life that tracks with most, you know, normal Americans.

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Chrome already has a “never be slow mode”. It’s any extension that blocks all ads and trackers.

So, @Twitter@twitter.com asked me for feedback. Here's what I sent.

PSA: If your app uses a push notification for anything other than "there is a real person trying to talk to you specifically right now, in real time", your notification privileges get revoked. You don't get to break my concentration to tell me there's a new post on some thread I'm not even actively following.

So we have new anti-number-spoofing technology starting to roll out. As someone not dumb enough to think I know anyone with a shared area code and prefix, I actually used those things to recognize spam calls. Now I'm much more likely to wonder if I'm getting a legit out-of-contacts-list call. I think Pai did this to say he did something, rather than be bound to actually enforcing existing law. LOCK HIM UP

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Look at this woke AF clip on MSNBC. You really can't overstate what AOC has managed to accomplish.


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Now using Mastalab, FAR more functionality that Tusky, I'm sold!

Very nice work, fellas!

Police stop people for covering their faces from facial recognition camera then fine man £90 after he protested - redd.it/alz49o

today's reminder that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is a complete piece of sht!

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