It feels so good to see that any party other than BJP coming to power in any state of India.

All the best to Cong-NCP-Shiv Sena.
Do better and make Maharsahtra proud!

Jai Maharashtra!

Amit Shah is Live on ANI, defending Governor for imposing President's Rule in Maharashtra.
It's clear now that Maharashtra Governor is on whose side.

Finally CJI comes under RTI, Good, now we can know when he will be 'Out of town'.

imposed in Maharashtra.

If there’s any govt in the history of India which has misused law everyday it is this Modi govt.

Babri injustice was just a beginning, many more in the pipeline. Muslims of India should be ready for more such atrocity in the name of justice.

Watch "How a Journalist was Sexually Assaulted on Babri Demolition Day | The Quint" on YouTube

Two days have passed since the came out against the Muslim community, not a single incident of riots, arsoning or vandalism reported from any corner of the country.
This makes it very clear that only one group do rioting and killing when things goes against them.

If larger country oppresses a smaller country,I’ll stand with smaller country

If smaller country has Majoritarian Religion which oppresses minority religions,I’ll stand with Minority religion

If minority religion has caste & one caste oppresses another caste,I’ll stand with caste being oppressed

In oppressed caste if an employer oppresses his employee,I’ll stand with employee

If employee goes Home & oppresses his wife,I’ll stand with that woman

Overall oppression is my enemy

Urdu press: Razing illegal, then why this?

India’s Urdu newspapers on Sunday reacted to the Ayodhya verdict by appealing for harmony and asking Muslims to exercise restraint and sobriety, while also underlining disappointment within the community.

Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) was Born this day nearly 14 centuries ago, because he was not God.

LK Advani: Feeling vindicated and blessed.

He took out rath yatra, demolished Babri Masjid, went against the law, many people were killed because of him nationwide, and today Advani is feeling blessed.
Is this a path to God? Seriously, is it?

There was a doubt in my mind since morning about the coincidental ‘Unanimous’ decision by the 5 judge bench of supreme court on , and now my mind is cleared, Modi is Live and heavily emphasizing on the term Unanimous.
Now i know how that happened Unanimously.

@DKhantastic The trial for the demolition of the mosque is ongoing at a trial court in Lucknow. Rightfully all the culprits would have to pay for their deeds. Atleast, We can hope so...

India is the world's Largest Hypocrisy
if you agree

This is a historic day for the Hindu Rashtra, a narrow political vision built on hate, false history, and the use of violence to force adherence to majoritarian norms.

He is supposedly a 21st century youth icon and a ‘Changed’ Shiv Sena youth leader, and also Maharashtra CM face.

So when are Dalits going to take the Hindoos to court over the Ravdas temple they demolished?

What do you think that chanting ''Kashi-Mathura baaki hai'' will start by...

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