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Have you ever consumed ?

Dark colour from being left in the naphtha on top of the for about a year, polymorph or oxide?

Cybs salt is arguably the defacto tek for but it does have some outdated and ambiguous writing, my personal rewrite titled Cybs rDUB Boro removes all that and makes it easy!

"The character has received a generally positive reception, though several commentators have discussed the numerous camera shots of her buttocks in Mass Effect 2, a creative decision then-marketing director of Bioware, David Silverman has defended as an integral part of her character."

I don't know why, but I found that phrasing kinda funny!

Hyperlink to Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect Character) Wikipedia:


#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @engineerguytilvids - Video account about engineering of everyday objects, by university professor

🌟 @switchingsoftware - Beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS and federated services

🌟 @cmdln - Makes beer, runs blogs/podcasts about food & drink, tech

🌟 @freedomboxfndn - Special Linux distro that makes it easy to host your own server on a PC, Pi, ARM device etc.

Follow me and make your dreams of meeting the hyperspace entities come true!

DMT crystals in cute red hat 

is down! PLEASE somebody ask me a question about vaping or so I can help! It's my only purpose I need to be validated :( pic is some of my own with a cute red hat made from a balloon

Coming soon, in Tor Browser 10.5: improved user experience of connecting to the Tor network. Say goodbye to Tor Launcher. 👋

trying boba for the first time and this good as hell

I'm looking for an accessible, comprehensive and critical #book on #blockchain and #cryptocurrency

I want to understand better, not 'invest' like some weirdo.

#recommendation #question #askthefediverse

:boost_ok: Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

FreedomBox is a FOSS self-hosting Linux distro that makes it easier to create your own home server. You can follow them at:

➡️ @freedomboxfndn

Their website is at

You can install the software on your own hardware, such as PCs, Raspberry Pis, ARM etc.

Alternatively, you can buy a pre-installed FreedomBox home server kit from @olimex at

#FreedomBox #SelfHosting #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Privacy #Linux #Distros #Debian

Once done we can educate you on the numerous and ever expanding methods of consuming DMT like the very popular .

Don't know where to start, the starter post on has got your back!:

Think you got it figured out? Then head on over to to find your next botanical vendor:

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Hi I'm DMTryptamines, knowledge purveyor of and consumption. The same one from Reddit, my current accounts are available at along with Keybase verification.

I'm here to spread the good word that extraction is something anyone can do! YES, even you! Me and the trusty guides at can help you through every step of the process.

One of the most helpful tips I've gotten about cleaning with ADHD is to stop thinking of it like a task, and to remeber it's actually a cycle.

Like night and day and summer and winter, my home will be messy at times and it will be tidy at times, and one will follow the other.

It's helped get rid a lot of the stress and self recrimination I feel.


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