Well, this is a pretty distilled experience from the looks of it. (violence, language)

Guy in front of me on this flight just put on his daydream VR headset... Is that.. I don't know... What's the ettiqutte around VR use in public places. Ironically I think he's just watching a film.

Catch Cassidy's talk about Technical vs Social problems, and why the social perspective is extremely important.
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Having worked on UI/UX stuff on every project I've been on, I am utterly convinced that it's impossible to create a great user experience in isolation. Broad strokes are fine, but the details require outside feedback and iteration.

Finally created an ammosystem with HUD and some pickups (which add ammo) to the quake-like game I'm developing! Which by the way still doesn't have a name :D mastodon.social/media/44092

Been working my way through Udemy's blender course. It's quite good. I've tried to use blender off and on for years and always found myself frustrated with the interface. The course does a good job of explaining everything and moves at a quick enough pace to keep you interested.

If you want to play doom 2016 via. steam make sure you start downloading it the day before, 60GB!

Would be cool if this blew up, I like the idea of a decentralized social network. Also, no ads!


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