Trying to keep track of all the books I’ve currently got on the go.

Nora Ephron ‘Heartburn’
Will Eaves ‘Murmur’
Nell Dunn ‘Up the Junction’
Dan Hancox ‘Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime’
Nick Triplow ‘Getting Carter: Ted Lewis and the Birth of Brit Noir’
Paul Stanbridge ‘Forbidden Line’

I think that might be too many.

Currently drooling somewhat over ‘The Library Book’, new from Fontsmith, one of my favourite type foundries. It’s the ‘definitive guide to [their collection] of over 500 fonts’ – more here:

The release of a new typeface by Jeremy Tankard is always a bit of an event; Hawkland – based on transitional types (eg Bell, Baskerville) but with more modern-style sharp unbracketed serifs – is no exception. Check it out here:

Your eyeballs will thank you for pointing them at the new OH no Type Company website: @ohno

Commercial Type complete the ‘master plan’ for their Graphik typeface system with a new extended width, Graphik Wide

Just discovered (via Jeffrey Zeldman) this great mini-site* for Lost Type’s Mort Modern typeface, designed by Riley Cran and inspired by the lettering work of Mortimer Leach:
*as mini-sites go, it’s fairly maxi

Thelonious Monk plays with Duke Ellington Orchestra
Newport Festival, Freebody Park, July 8, 1962

#jazz #bigband #DukeEllington #TheloniousMonk

Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

ICYMI, an excerpt from @timbrown’s new book ‘Flexible Typesetting’ is previewed on A List Apart:

Film podcast chooses an … interesting moment to do a James Woods special

Not sure I’m really a Takashi Miike sort of person but I was in a foul mood last night and I decided to watch Dead or Alive. The first 5 minutes is gleefully OTT and the last 5 minutes is like, pffft WHAT? Not family viewing, mind … 

Researching Russian fonts today. Kinda crazy that until a decade ago there was basically only one type foundry (ParaType) with c. 10 type designers in the whole country 

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