I am a German novice beginner with a license and a FT-818, but no experience.

Without a big antenna I am mostly interested in mobile and low-power operation which made me try first steps with digi modes with - but beyond receiving German Weather Service over RTTY I don't have much success yet.

Only using Linux tools. Happy about any tool recommendations.

Mostly radio listening as I don't have interesting things to say yet.

German or English.

@DO5DR Welcome to the hobby! I'm mostly QRP myself and mainly a CW operator. I use a lot of simple wire antennas with my 817, but I've had great results with the Super Antenna MP1 as well.

Welcome! 30 years a Ham and I still have to try hard to keep from talking about weather or my antenna 😃.

@DO5DR you could try working satellites. Additional hardware you'd need is a DIY yagi, a diplexer and a cheap HT for receiving. Plus, maybe, the eBook from AMSAT. Mobile HF with a DO license is probably not that big a fun given what the ionosphere is like in these times.

@DO5DR Moin! 73 aus Wien de OE1LFB, KC0LOU, ex-DO1GVT.

I'm on the same boat when it comes to antennas :) that's why I have all repeaters around me already worked and prefer handheld radios. Also, try #APRS - you can decode it with your mobile phone, and learning how the messages are bounced is a lot of fun!

@DO5DR Welcome! Software available for Linux includes wsjtx for wspr, FT8 and other modes, cqrlog for logging, qsstv for sstv, gqrx for receiving with a cheap RTL dongle.

@DO5DR Hi, that sounds very familiar :D Also have an FT-818 with a WhizzLoop v2, plus a DIY Yagi for 2m. You can also give FT8 a try with WSJT-X, as it is made for weak signals. Had a few FT8 QSOs on 2m, but am struggling to get heard on 10m and 15m.

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