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To whom it may concern:

These days I post chiefly at @DeeUnderscore ( You are cordially invited to follow me there.

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To whom it may concern:

These days I post chiefly at @DeeUnderscore ( You are cordially invited to follow me there.

Here's a 1995 video piece on how in the future people will read newspapers on tablets:

The weirdest thing about the Dublin Core Schema is that the Dublin is in Ohio.

(It's the RSS feed displaying and live bookmarks this time, but I feel like this toot applies to any number of Mozilla decisions over the past couple of years)

Latest Firefox news: Mozilla plans to remove feature, disappointed Reddit users downvoted in comments.

Today I tried to check out a mercurial repo with git like six times and kept wondering why it wasn't working. So that's my story.

I just read some instructions for how to do something that involves gdb that ended with "have FUN!", which sounds fairly optimistic.

I like how whenever I start a post with "I like how" there's about 50% chance I actually don't like it.

I like how Reddit has an actual feature to crosspost stuff between subreddits with link to the original and then you go into the comments and there's still people yelling at each other for stealing posts.

If you use , or are considering using Perkeep (which was previously known as Camlistore), it now has an importer for Mastodon and Pleroma.

There isn't a release with it yet, but if you have Go installed, you can build it yourself:

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Putin is gonna have the weather assassinated now.

Not looking that good for team checkerboard.

My favorite thing about professional association football is the "I didn't even DO ANYTHING" look everyone always gives the ref

Team chicken seems happy, team checkerboard seems upset

Ah yes the checkerboard vs chicken engagement is starting soon isn't it

NASA should build a car wash (rover wash) on Mars because there is so much dust there even the dust removal brush on Curiosity is covered in dust.

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Note: now is the best time to sneak block delimiting braces into Python.

I'm still allowed to use Inkscape.

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